Each year of the past decade in 20 words or less

Graduated from high school and heading to UC Berkeley. Thought I met my first love. A boy from the Internet.

Renewed. Know more people online than IRL. My internet persona is growing. I blog for the first time.

I struggle with understanding what friendships are. Two boys from Michigan come visit me.

Applying to graduate school, because I don’t know what to do. I travel to Minnesota.

Got PB. Going to CMU! Discover that I am more sheltered than I thought. I hide behind the camera.

Letting who I am shine through. I discover the secret to success. Ice cream tour. Eat a 6 lb burger.

Graduate from CMU. Best year of the decade. Find my first real job. Move to San Francisco. Rediscover Chris.

Groundhog day in Punxsutawney. Laid off. Start work at a design studio. Build design network.

Struggle careerwise, but find secret. Figure out the real friendships. Laid off again. This time I do it right.

Travel to Thailand. Find job. Obsessed with scavenger hunts and DIY food. Talk too much.

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