Look! Wait why do my cheeks look pink? I got my first b-day present. :D Well, that\’s not the only thing. I opened the mailbox in Lafayette yesterday and found a huge envelope. Inside, I found a paper latern and a valentine puzzle. :D Look it\’s the girl from funny love! The hair bun on the left got ripped a little. Me happy!

Got money from my grandparents too. Heh. Out to the bank they go.

And look! A b-day present from Emmy. Well, not exactly. A few days ago I asked Emmy to send me Virgin Suicides and it wouldn\’t go through from UCLA to Earthlink. :p Neither would it go through from UCLA to UCSD. But now I got it. Thanks Emmy! :D

My birthday is this Wednesday (yeah I have my MCB final that day too) and like Lele said…I feel old. Two decades on this earth is just two too many. I am leaving my teens too. :(

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  1. Happy Pre-Early bday… DUDE… omg.. will you send me that movie? I am DYING for it =\\

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