I know. I am greedy. I am self-absorbed. I am self-centered. But it\’s going to be my birthday! :D Hehe, stacee asked me to put it up. How many of the wishes below can actually be met?

Birthday Wish List
1. a Naim [I got his personal belogings :)]
2. mp3 Player (good long-lasting power supply and ample space with the ability to upgrade)
3. digicam
4. a parking space in Berkeley
5. lifetime broadband internet connection
6. laptop, I recommend this one
7. candy
8. a passing grade in EE
9. reliable webhosting for my domains
10. domain registration of jennism.com (probably going to get it when I start getting paid this summer)
11. a hard drive. would have gotten the 150 gb hd at Frys for $80, but I had to see apartments today. :(
12. acceptance into the computer science major
13. a simple, uncomplicated yet fulfilling life
14. a simple easy to understand, beginner me learn php now book
15. presence of my friends on my birthday
16. posters (or lithographs) from despair.com, adversity, despair, irresponsibility, unachievement, sacrifice and the pessimists\’ mug. oh and a frownie would be nice too!
17. a geek t-shirt like this or this
18. room divider, specifically this one at ebay. I plan to just drive to San Jose to get it.

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    That\’s almost as ridiculous as a parking space down here. Hell, at the very least, it doesn\’t cost you $0.25 for 8 minutes at the parking meters.

  2. Silly girl. You\’re hot. I\’m cold. Mwahahahaha. (I\’m not sure if I have a point to this, but um .. yeah.)

  3. Pwahaha~! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!! Omigod! I really hope you get your Naim for your birthday soon. *wink wink* XD *flies over to naims place packs his bags and takes him to you* XD!

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