2021 Birthday Wishlist

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Vaccines arrived! Well at least for the US, interestingly.

  1. Reduction in vaccine hesitancy
  2. And obviously, better vaccine distribution across the world
  3. Some kind of social event soon! At the very least, cooking a meal for people
  4. Acceptances for my writing whether it’s workshops or venues
  5. Better growth of selective close friendships
  6. Better sense of where I want my “income-generating” career to go
  7. Good fruit, especially high quality stone fruit and berries!
  8. Visit to a farm or similar food-making enterprise, to get the feeling of getting to the roots
  9. Building a relationship to a nonprofit that actually matters to me and a place where I could see my personal effort
  10. Some kind of way to buy reasonable, high quality property in San Francisco
  11. To offspring or no offspring?
  12. Decrease in stuff!!!

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