2020 Birthday Wishlist

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Only because I realize that I haven’t written here since January. And in a separate post, I’ll update with literally everything.

This birthday is going to be so different from my previous years! Interestingly, I would never say that 2020 was a bad year. That’s only in mindset. I would only say that…it was different. Maybe difficult in some ways. Maybe easy in other ways.

1. That a vaccine or some drug arrives swiftly to save this world from Covid-19
2. That the country and the world can actually get along well enough to coordinate and collaborate
3. That the president gets out of the way soon—hopefully a personal decision, but I can only hope the most for the better outcome of the election
4. A “wedding” of some kind that still brings in people that I would want around
5. Finding the best friends
6. Reduction of things in the household
7. Lots of peaches or nectarines!
8. Novel query actually gets out
9. Which means a (good) revision of novel complete
10. Short story accepted and published

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