2022 Birthday Wishlist

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This morning as I was walking to the coworking space, I realized that I have to embrace this very fact: I am entering the fourth decade of my life. It’s common for people at this age to hide the age. So people do. But why be ashamed? Because there’s younger people? Because there’s ageism (yes, it’s real.) But let’s start: I AM TURNING 40.

  1. A sleep sac I thought about swaddling and wanted it for myself
  2. Good quality stone fruit and other fruits!
  3. Lower risk for those inherited body stuff
  4. Publication of my Listening to My Minor Feelings essay. Like somewhere, please!
  5. Progress on my novel(s)
  6. Some determination of how I want my income-generating life to go
  7. Identification of the home
  8. Better sleep
  9. Improvement on my goal on building deeper friendship and relationships to the community

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