2023 Birthday Wishlist

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I have always waffled on this. Do we reach an age where we stop celebrating our birthdays? Is that often with the birth of a child? Where the birthday doesn’t matter anymore? That it’s barely a recognition? There’s something about it, at least for me, that I have this immense desire not to be forgotten and using my birthday as a way to signal to everyone that it’s all about me! And that this is the day that I can do anything!

  1. That Chris figures out a way out of his situation
  2. And that he doesn’t encounter any more accidents!
  3. My bones and muscles don’t deteriorate like my mom to the level where I can’t even take a short stroll or even just stand for a few minutes
  4. Get into one writing residency or workshop this year
  5. Many fruits come my way!
  6. Reduction in STUFF
  7. Finding some solace and peace in a community that gives me value and creativity

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