Filler words, does that make sense?

Specifically, does that make sense?

I scoured the internet for that phrase yesterday. They say that those words are often used as the speaker reached some sort of insecurity of what’s explained. I definitely try not to use it when explaining myself (although I know that there are moments where I laugh at myself and add ridiculous filler words so hopefully that makes sense)

But when asked that specific question, it immediately feels patronizing. The onus is suddenly on me to agree. Not to disagree with the question. It’s like an impulse to make the speaker feel better but of course to show that I obviously listened and that it does obviously make sense. Because if it doesn’t make sense, then that’s my fault. Maybe I might be hard on myself but that very question suggests a switch of a power dynamic. Maybe I wanted to understand and up to that point, I was believing that you were making the effort to explain it all to me. But now, I have to make the effort to understand when it was your responsibility to explain it all to me.

And well, I won’t say does that make sense?

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