2024 Birthday Wishlist

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What does it mean that I only update my blog for these annual rituals? But I suppose that I can’t help it. I really can’t move away from the things that I set for myself.

I also come to an age where I wonder if it’s okay to celebrate? But why not? Nobody says that I can’t. It’s my day and sometimes it seems like it matters more when we’re younger. But when we’re older, the many times we have done our birthdays, it becomes a blur. But I believe that it’s best to wish and hope.

  1. That Chris finds his way out of the messiness
  2. Fruit salad everyday!
  3. Security and comfort in friendships
  4. Finding ways to sleep well in uncomfortable environments (aka too warm or too noisy)
  5. That I find someone in the industry to believe in my novel aka an agent or editor
  6. Publish a short story or essay (though tbh I haven’t submitted any!
  7. Clothes that make me younger—though irritated that IG has made me feel like I am dressing old
  8. A poem that I can actually submit!

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