Foodspotting #1: I decided that today I wanted to be a bar-hopper.

Every so often, I wonder how it’s like to be a lover of alcohol. Or at least a lover of the bar scene. In graduate school, I finally tried my hand at hanging out at the bars. But I kept my own persona, preferring to drink water and sit with others.

But when I decided that I had to compete for the 7×7 challenge, I had to be someone else.

At least 10% of the list were cocktails. After years claiming some unknown reason for why I don’t drink, in the end, I realized that I hate hate hate the taste of alcohol. Granted, I never had enough to ever experience its effect.

But in my determination to try the list, I did it.

What is it like to go to Magnolia Pub appearing like the standard yuppie bar hopper? What is it like to be a swanky club-goer dropping by for a drink before things get going at Rye? Or how about the frequent visitor for the drink after a long work day at Alembic?

Last year when I took improv, I learned that a lot of it simply required slipping into another persona.

So while sipping a basil gimlet at Rye, the shrub at Nopa, the old-fashioned at Alembic, the shanghai buck at Heaven’s Dog, the blue bell bitter at Magnolia pub, an obscure belgian beer at Monk’s Kettle, a bottle of burgundy at RN74…I had to be someone else. At Magnolia Pub and Brewery, we were suddenly yuppies and guys were chatting us up about local sports at the crowded bar. Then at Heaven’s Dog, we ran into a former coworker who had finished a post-theater drink. And at RN74, we talked to a group of Germans who enjoyed the most expensive elixirs without a bat of an eye.

Sure, it’s all really pretentious. Since it’s following some guy who created the list. I wonder though…by doing that list, are we becoming him? Or her?

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