Foodspotting #2: My wallet is emptying


My credit goes down on the bill.

Every time, I put it down. I think to myself—it’s the experience. It’s the value of the food. The fact that I am (usually) supporting locally-grown, organic food. That I am helping paying the health insurance (usually) of the restaurant’s employees. That I am supporting the arts of cooking and quality food.

Awhile ago, I read a blog that pointed out that people who are broke don’t know how to budget. It’s not that they waste money. It’s more that they don’t know how to figure out what really makes them happy. Everything does. And that’s what I mean by value.

I decided a few years ago that enjoying the arts of food was my favorite past time. And in the last year, I indulged. I take part in community food events. I relish cooking books, thinking of ideas for cooking. Traveling is about food. And restaurants—oh yes, restaurants, because they are the inspiration for my cooking.

So yes, I do wince…every time in the last few days in my rampage to do the 7×7 in one month…when I have to put a $50 on my card. Sometimes $70. Or more.

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