Foodspotting #3: The third most important part is the company

A great dining experience is a combination of these three things: food, service and company.

The company defines the experience. If it’s great…the quality of food and service almost doesn’t matter. It just needs to be adequate. If the company is horrible, then the taste, the desperate attempts by the servers…anything…won’t help.

These are the qualities that make great company during dining:

1. Shared interest in trying new foods

2. Willingness to share dishes

3. Good conversationalist. Or at least the ability to be curious.

And that’s all!

Awkwardly, I mentioned how my experience at Front Porch was not the greatest because the company that I was with. He asked me how the current dining experience was like. Without thinking, I blurted out bluntly, “So-so.” Then I realized that I couldn’t apologize for the truth. Because 1, 2, 3 were not fulfilled.

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