Foodspotting #4: No compromising

One of the hardest part of this entire journey is:

Finding the dining partner.

In the previous post, I may have alluded to what happens when the company is horrible. But what if the company flakes?

Despite an inner desire to learn how to dine by myself and enjoy the solitude of dining, I have the greatest anxiety of entering a restaurant and trying…to be normal…and eating. Sure, it’s easy to do at a take-out food stand type place. But at a nice restaurant—even a five-star one…awkward.

I love the act of enjoying food with someone. To compare our different preferences of flavor. I love how…food lets me discover the parts of people. It’s a ritual at times, but it’s also a way to break down barriers. Because there’s no other activity in the world that breaks down borders. We put things in our mouth and we chew the same. We all do.

There’s something about food that calms us and can express so many memories. Not like music, the bitter taste, the sour taste…perhaps it will remind you of something.

But my point is…how do you find the someone who will be ok with your choice of restaurant? How do you find someone who never compromises when it comes to food? When it comes to doing stuff? When you say, “I want to go there”…there’s no question.

I guess that’s why they call it a companion.

1 thought on “Foodspotting #4: No compromising

  1. Hiya – consider this my concession speech; you’re truly a staunch competitor and worthy of the Biggest March Eater award! Good luck getting through the last few today. If it helps, the proprietor at Quince tells me that the Agnolotti is on the menu tonight.


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