Foodspotting #5: My taste preference

Chips and Salsa at Papalote

There’s this moment when you take your next bite…and you say to yourself ugh, I feel so sick. That was me when I was at my 97th item.

In this case unlike the adventure of the 6 lb burger and the 150 slice pizza, it wasn’t because I was full. It was because my preferred taste didn’t match the list owner’s taste preference.

Last Monday, while I had the tuna tartare and “gin martini” at Bix…I was…appalled. I could barely eat the olives. I hated gin. But I was doing all for the sake of this list. It was someone else’s list. It was not mine.

Blue Bell Bitter at Magnolia Pub and Brewery

And beer. Ugh. I dragged surrogates along to endure the taste that I hated, but hopefully they enjoyed.

Now nearing the end of the list, I am surprised to find that I only enjoyed less than 10% of the list. The majority of the list was just ok. I am talking about both the taste and the experience of the item. And the value. Or that I enjoyed something else there entirely.

The things I enjoyed? Lobster pot pie at Michael Mina, meatballs with grapes at Aziza, clam chowder at Hog Island Oyster Depot, the abondingas soup at Mijita, cookies and cream cookie at Anthony’s Cookies, 7 courses of beef at Pagolac, roast chicken salad at Zuni…and all the ice cream. But was that it?

1 thought on “Foodspotting #5: My taste preference

  1. Jennnnnn… we feel the same way about the Seattle list!!! Items get on the list either because of some level of fame (which could be over-rated) or possibly because one person tried one thing one time, and that one experience was perfect for them. Hence, immortalized on a list (even if the quality was just uniquely good that night).

    I think the good part is… you can say you are truly well versed in what San Francisco has to offer now!

    But then… maybe it just means that the food in SF is just OK. =P

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