Foodspotting #7: My partner in crime

How could I have done this without my usual partner in crime?

Here is my partner in crime in action during my food scavenger hunt in August:

Waffle Truck Champion!

In relationships, I find that there is nothing more important than having the same expectations, the same energy level, the same dedication that makes things work.

This is the management of expectations.

Moreover, we’ll do whatever it takes.

Before any great endeavor (scavenger hunts, games, etc.), we always ask each the important question: “How do you want to do this? Do it for fun, do it to finish or do it to win.”

We almost always answer the latter. Because we don’t compromise.

But more importantly, despite the many obstacles we ran into (the dish ran out, the line was too long, the server didn’t want us to order just one thing…), we did it all. And even more importantly, even at times when I wanted to quit, he refuse to quit. When I was feeling wishy washy about even drinking the belgian beer or the beer from cask…we did it. And he had the ability to talk to anyone…to relate to anyone…to quickly put someone at ease (while I quietly panicked). And that he could help me…overcome an anxiety of eating just a single dish from a restaurant when we had already had 6 meals the same deal…social anxiety is definitely not an issue of his at all.

Thanks taiche! You’re always the best.

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