Foodspotting #8: The price of the item

This was a $138 bottle of Burgundy at RN74.

Burgundy at RN74

I have always wondered how you’re supposed to ask the price of these things if the price is not listed on the menu. Especially when they’re off the menu like the Gibraltar at Blue Bottle and Shanghai Buck at Heaven’s Dog.

Fortunately nothing was outrageous.

But based on a previous experience, sometimes you can be surprised by an off-menu item. You look at the menu and everything seems to be around the $10-$15 range. And when you get the receipt, it turns out the item you ordered off the daily special is over $30! And now you have a $200+ bill that you did not expect.

How can you ask the server for the price without seeming like a super-cheap customer?

“We have a great waygu steak tartare today garnished with organic item #1 and organic item #2.”

“How much is that?”

“It’s $30.”

“Oh. Thanks”

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