Vague status messages on Facebook

On facebook, a friend had posted, ” This is when you find out who your real friends are. Love you guys.”

Then I saw vague responses from mutual friends. It all varied from “wish I was there with you” to “are you ok?”

And 4 likes!

Looking at it, I suddenly went through various thoughts. Worry. Concern. Guilty. Then jealous. And then guilty again. And then acceptance.

What did it mean? First, there was the insatiable curiosity—what happened And then the why don’t I know? And then a self-centered response, it’s ok because not everyone can be close friends to everyone.

There was one response—Sad! i don’t know what this is in reference too! hope all is well! And I had to reply. I had to say me too because that’s what real friends do. Was I real?

The funny thing was that the anxiety amounted to something small, but significant. At least nobody died.

2 thoughts on “Vague status messages on Facebook

  1. Yeah…. yeah…. yeah…. I wondered the same thing too. I did a bit of “status investigation” and think I tracked down the issue, but still don’t know for sure.

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