Six hours of play

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato

And I would say…in 6 hours of scavenger hunt, you will learn more about your partner than you will in a lifetime of just co-existing.

When there is a goal at stake, varying energy levels, athletic levels, working styles…everything can break apart.

Chris’ favorite reality show is the Amazing Race, because he imagines himself doing it one day. I know now that I couldn’t be that partner—I don’t have the stamina or energy.

Like how my previous roommate would test out his new girlfriends by going on a trip to an exotic destination for days…I found that…scavenger hunts…a huge game provided so much more.

Things you certainly discover:
Will your partner wait for you if you’re tired?
Will your partner yell at you to catch up?
Or will your partner yell “Good job!” as you run up the hill?
Knowing that the boat is leaving, will your partner extend his hand so that he pull you forward?
Will your partner tell you where you’re going next?
Or more specifically, how much longer it will take to get to the next destination?
If you fail at a puzzle, will your partner still hug you for giving a good try?
Or better yet, if you look like you are going to fail at a challenge, will your partner give the judge a very evil eye willing the judge to let you just pass?
Most importantly, will you and your partner cross the finish line together?

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