I don’t know his last name

“I have no idea what Chris’ last name is,” he said over im when trying to set up a man date.

I felt almost insulted. More appalled.

This friend and Chris have met up with each other intermittently over the past few years, especially when I am around. But could there be an excuse?

1. They met at least three years ago. However, any contact that they have had has been through me.

2. We stayed at the friend’s place in the summer of 2008. I didn’t mention his last name.

3. I post photos on facebook tagging Chris. But perhaps the friend never noticed the tag.

4. I send email blasts to many many many friends often cc’ing Chris. But perhaps he never looks at the recepients…even when Chris rarely if ever replies.

And so forth. Well it probably could be possible. Now!

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