Chris is like Glenn on the Walking Dead!

Zombies. I am not sure why I am so fascinated with them. In addition to my annual zombie-themed book club (which I hosted today) and the Journey to the End of the Night, zombies is my safe way of thinking of what…apocalypse would turn like. It’s an embodiment of all our fears—losing control, taking away loved ones permanently, the constant feeling of danger.

My latest? My love for the new show on AMC in the Mad Men time slot: The Walking Dead.

What I wanted to describe is the character Glenn who surprised me because…he was just like Chris! In these ways:

  • Asian
  • I mean, Asian American
  • Overly resourceful
  • Preference for going at it alone
  • Love for sports cars
  • Questionable skills during peaceful times, but very useful skills in a zombie apocalypse
  • Selfless
  • Wears baseball caps constantly
  • Wears sports shirts
  • Goes out of his way to “save” people even if that means sacrificing himself
  • Volunteer to do the dirty, dangerous missions
  • Incredibly fast runner (for short distances)
  • Plans for escape routes and clear lines of sight anywhere he goes
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