Insurance companies, close your ears

Driving down 280 last Tuesday, I hear a small thud. Immediately, I saw it. It was a nice spherical dime-sized crack on the brand new windshield on the passenger side.

Let me say that again. A brand new windshield replaced less than 25 days ago.

After fretting about the dime-sized crack for several days, I finally found the gump to call the auto glass repair that did my earlier windshield replacement.

Does the limited warranty cover this crack? I timidly asked.

No. the CSR responded.

Ok, thanks. I timidly said and hung up. I hate making phone calls like this.

About 6 hours later, I returned to my car parked on Alma Street in Palo Alto. My car honked back at me when I unlocked it. It meant only one thing. That something happened to the car—something or someone had tripped off the security system.

The last time that this happened was when the windshield broke in early October. As I got into the driver’s seat, to my horror, it was exactly that.

The windshield was cracked. Again. Nearly in the same place, but close to the windshield wipers in a great spider web bigger than a dollar bill. I wanted to laugh in irony. Of course, the windshield would need to be replaced, eliminating the dime-sized crack.

I grumbled as I called my parents…and my insurance company.

1 thought on “Insurance companies, close your ears

  1. ugh. that happened to me just once… and so glad it hasn’t happened since. i try to keep my windshield wipers going if i know there’s a lot of debris/dust in the air from large trucks on the road!

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