The year of the rabbit is nearly here

“You are always unafraid of trying something…completely new.” she said.

I was surprised for a moment, quietly evaluating what she was trying to say. It was one of my many closing moments for what will be my next phase of work.

“It’s a strength,” she concluded.

I mumbled something incoherent, and later I was somewhat angry at myself for not just simply accepting the compliment.

But to think about it, the last two big changes in life weren’t by my choice. In some way, I was forced into it. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t change it. Change is good. If I hadn’t done A, then I most likely would have never done B.

At some point before the current change, I suddenly panicked. I was sort of comfortable where I was even though I didn’t absolutely love it. It was just comfortable and familiar. Because of that, it was easy. Was I doing the right thing?

There are some people who I know who get caught in that web. There is little that compels them to move forward—perhaps due to their sphere of influence built up over the years, their upbringing that unbreakable walls can be overcome by years of chipping away at it, or…just familiarity.

I wonder how it’s like to be a lifer.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me as I was getting on the train, “I just don’t see why anyone would leave a good job.”

I had a good answer.

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