Two weeks of me time

What do I do with two weeks of me time? Things that I couldn’t do while working on the Peninsula, of course!

That would include:

  • Weekday lunches downtown (SUSHIRRITO HERE I COME!)
  • Visiting museums during the day
  • Seeing my parents before they sleep
  • Workouts during the light
  • Driving with no traffic!
  • Redo my website design (like my blog)
  • Write Yelp reviews
  • Clean my room
  • Frame pictures that I was always planning to frame
  • Shop for a bike
  • Plan my trip to Peru
  • Reconnect with people who I have not seen for awhile
  • Wear un-business like clothes
  • Wear NON-dress shoes
  • Don’t brush my hair
  • Sleep
  • Oddly enough, this didn’t occur to me when I was unemployed for several months during the great recession. Hmmm…

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