Walking in the “Ghetto”

My sister warned me about walking in the neighborhood where her office is located in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of East New York/Woodhaven. It was completely ethnic…not a single sign of gentrification unlike the Mission.

My sister’s coworkers were concerned, “Are you sure that she can make it through this neighborhood?”

But it wasn’t the strange looks that I got walking around with a trendy bag and a well-designed pea coat. Or the fear of stepping in something uncomely. Or the surprise of graffiti everywhere.

I had a horrible time getting through the neighborhood because of two things:
1. Horrible weather. Rain and wind ruined my umbrella and froze me to a drippy mess, pushing my cold to its worse yet.
2. Convoluted streets. I swear that I will not rely on smart phones again for mapping, because as a result I won’t plan ahead of time…and will promptly spend too much time staring at my phone in confusion. Mapping spontaneously is not my preference.

Until tomorrow!

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