This time, it was good

More than any other city in the world, New York City is city that I have visited the most outside the cities that I have lived in. Almost once a year (for pleasure, never for business) since I finally claimed independent.

But this visit, in contrast…I think…I probably could live here. Before, it was so overwhelming. I always felt that the people I knew here—despite how much I loved them—were rushed, busy with their own lives. This time, it was better. I knew my way around (especially since I have this vow that I will never take a taxi). And moreover, I was surprised that the stores…they weren’t just in San Francisco.

There are a few things though: the weather, the cabbing culture, and most importantly, the jobs that I actually would take.

But they often say…it is the magic of New York. This city—not truly “American”, but a place of its own for dreamers alike.

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