What is a hipster?

There are probably no real hipsters in the Mission in SF anymore. Except for the ones that cram into $$$ or rent-controlled apartments.

The ones that I know are 9-6ers (or even more)—work hard, ride taxis, and spend a lot on random gadgets. They know obscure music because some online service tells them. They a box of CSA—because it’s good for the planet, but a lot of it goes to waste because they get free food at work. Their place is completely out-fitted with new pieces from William-Sonoma or Room and Board. Used clothes? No way, they buy from lululemon (for a weekly yoga class). $50 is about right for a weeknight dinner…$100 is normal for a weekend.

I know that I do obviously scoff when I hear a claim of being a hipster, but that’s just me.

1 thought on “What is a hipster?

  1. I think there’s a difference in the term of hipster in style and in lifestyle. If you go to LA, the “hipsters” there are like the ones you’ve described above. Hipster as a style is what’s common now, the skinny jeans, the hair, the music.

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