You should blog

She looked across the table at me and said without any pretense, “You should blog.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. But I knew what she was asking—to blog about user experience and everything related to it.

I blog here because I believe that my thoughts and opinions are super unique. But in terms of user experience—my professional career—I may have some points of views but they…usually aren’t different anyone else’s. But that might be the plight of my own path—that I sincerely believe that I don’t have anything to say.

Or more importantly that I may cause controversy on something so sacred to many people. It’s easier to stick with what I know best—that nobody else knows—namely me. The moment that I tread into an open territory…I have a feeling of wariness.

I know this because I have an inherent belief that user experience at many places are too focused on things that don’t need attention. Everyone always forgets to see the forest in between the trees.

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