To be adult and own furniture

After more than 4 years in San Francisco depending on my roommate to have furniture, now my current roommate and I lack any “adult” furniture.

Do I scour craigslist for a “temporary” item? Or do I buy a real nice piece from Pier 1, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware or that super expensive furniture store down the street?

There was this article recently that suggested that “adulthood” was stunted for many of us now. That many people still weren’t married, many did not own a home, many did not have kids, many people lived at home. What bothers me the most is that this is a Western ideal.

My parents have given me grief about wanting to live in San Francisco and pay extraordinary high rent when I could save money living at home. And it’s just cultural of Asian culture that until one buys a home, it’s ok to live at home.

People forget that many philosophies here are Western in its origin. And that simply drives me crazy.

“Of course, everyone does it that way.”

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