This may be the last time that I say my age! Maybe just once more.

This year was a quandary for what I wanted to do for my birthday. In the last year, I have realized what a mess I become when I try to entertain. I love cooking for people, but the fact that I spent more time cooking than actually talking with people…was less appealing to me. And I was over the idea of doing something that everybody loved but I didn’t.

And so I thought about what elaborate scheme that I could come up with.

Not bar-hopping.

But how about…ice cream…hopping. Or better yet, as Chris coined it…Sundae-hopping on Sundays!

What I thought was fascinating of the group that attended:

  • You can find my group of friends in a crowd pretty easily—they’re the ones checking in on foursquare and tweeting
  • Number of males > number of females
  • Most people do not know each other
  • Not the same people from the previous year
  • Maker Faire, others’ birthdays, Rapture, graduation will always eclipse my birthday—for some people
  • Some highlights:




    The CMU crew! (And one little crazy bday girl)



    And some that my friends tweeted:

    From Paco:

    From Mike:

    From Annie:

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