This may be the last time that I say my age! Maybe just once more.

This year was a quandary for what I wanted to do for my birthday. In the last year, I have realized what a mess I become when I try to entertain. I love cooking for people, but the fact that I spent more time cooking than actually talking with people…was less appealing to me. And I was over the idea of doing something that everybody loved but I didn’t.

And so I thought about what elaborate scheme that I could come up with.

Not bar-hopping.

But how about…ice cream…hopping. Or better yet, as Chris coined it…Sundae-hopping on Sundays!

What I thought was fascinating of the group that attended:

  • You can find my group of friends in a crowd pretty easily—they’re the ones checking in on foursquare and tweeting
  • Number of males > number of females
  • Most people do not know each other
  • Not the same people from the previous year
  • Maker Faire, others’ birthdays, Rapture, graduation will always eclipse my birthday—for some people
  • Some highlights:




    The CMU crew! (And one little crazy bday girl)



    And some that my friends tweeted:

    From Paco:

    From Mike:

    From Annie:

    I am twentee-eight!

    [photo would be inserted here of today’s events if camera was not misplaced]

    Yay and it was totally awesome! Thanks to everyone who made it totally special. Especially the taiche! I am now drowning (happily) in candies. The way that I have always wanted to! :D

    Simple way to make Jenn happy: buy a bag of fruity candy. Hard, soft, squishy, round, square, triangular…that’s right!

    When I was turning sixteen, a friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I asked for starburst, gummi worms, skittles and the like. It was like the best birthday present ever!


    My birthday is in less than 30 days…so you know it’s THAT time! The BIRTHDAY WISHLIST! The most self-righteous, most self-serving, most self-centered, self-entitled moment of the year on my blog. I am turning 28 for your information.

    Although in the past year, I have had moments of…envy of a young person who has “accomplished a lot”. This time, I don’t feel as old. I HOPE!

    So there!

    Previous years: 2009, 2008, no forgotten year of 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

    In order of importance!

    1. PRESENCE > PRESENT. You will be there not because I asked you to, but because you want to be there!
    2. To let good luck meet Chris!
    3. Canon Powershot S30
    4. Sodastream! To make my own soda! And many carbonators!
    5. A contract-less, cheap smart phone plan!
    6. Lots of my favorite fruit – nectarines, peaches, plums
    7. Candy! The fruity kind. Hard AND soft! And tons of it!
    8. Ice cream! Fruity kind works well!
    9. A writing class


    Today, I whimpered, “I am getting too old!”

    It was a silent terrified tremor of…being close to 30. The forsaken three decades of old lore. But in less than 3 weeks, I will be turning the vicious age of twenty-seven (on an unspecified date to be determined). The cube of 3. And like when I was 16, I can answer to a/s/l as 3^3/no i have a headache/in the middle of nowhere

    Although that means some people will think I am 33.

    But on to the annual bday wish list. A yearly event on the blog since 2002!

    Previous years: 2008, did I really forget in 2007???, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

    In decreasing order of IMPORTANCE and significance
    1. presence (aka presence > present)
    2. jobbys for my unemployed friends
    3. sweet strawberries
    4. peaches and nectarines (whole please)
    5. candies like starbursts, sour belts, warheads, jolly ranchers
    6. DSLR, perhaps one of those Canon Rebels (hey that was on my list last year!)
    7. a photography class to go along with the DSLR
    8. perhaps a hybrid road bike…perhaps if I can get biking
    9. double-paned windows in my apartment
    10. windows with screens in my apartment
    11. an useful, valuable cooking class
    12. yummy desserts
    13. another trip to somewhere totally foreign! (and cheap)


    It is back. My self-promoting birthday list. For whatever reason, I decided to be less self-promoting last year and forgot about even publicly posting a list. HOWEVER. I’ll violate a rule of trying to appear mature…since I think my readership has declined since 2006.

    I am turning TWENTY SIX in just over 3 weeks. Oh wait, you don’t know the specific date? Too bad! :)

    In some way though, this list becomes more of my to-do shopping list for the upcoming year.

    2006, 2005 2004, 2003, 2002

    In the usual order:
    1. presence (not present)
    2. foodies (consisting of cookies, candies, Zanze’s cheesecake or satisfying not necessarily fancy dinners)
    3. a safe parking spot in San Francisco
    4. haircut
    5. DSLR
    6. Digital video camcorder and a computer powerful enough and big enough to process such data
    7. Slow cooker
    8. Another chauffeur who will be willing me to whisk me to the nearest froyo place at a moment’s notice
    9. Froyo? Yearlong supply?
    10. More mochi to go along with froyo
    11. Strawberries. Unstemmed.
    12. Mango. Cut so that I don’t need to waste my time peeling.
    13. Kiwi. Cut as well.
    13. Nectarines. Whole.
    14. Trip to a so-called relaxed destination
    Hmm…seems like I have gotten a little practical…

    Today I leave for Montreal.

    One month until I turn 24! OMG!

    It\’s interesting how my lists have changed over the years:
    � 2005 � 2004 � 2003 � 2002 �

    And now I present my (pretentious) wishlist of this year:

    1. presence (presence > presents!)
    2. a job that provides the experience I seek
    3. a trip to NYC, Boston, and Seattle this summer
    4. a trip to New Zealand, Asia, or Europe
    5. a chance to see great live music
    6. to finish my list of things to do before leaving Pittsburgh
    7. an opportunity to publish my writing
    8. more webspace for my websites
    9. Airport Express
    10. Macbook
    11. The Joy of Cooking (yes, THAT cookbook)
    12. Alan Cooper\’s The Inmates Are Running the Asylum : Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity
    13. SigCHI membership
    14. more moleskine notebooks

    I haven\’t been creative lately mostly because the semester has taken a drain on me. BUT! It\’s time for that moment of self-centeredness, selfishness…and although my readership of my blog has definitely dwindled since its early days…

    It\’s time again. It\’s time for…my birthday wishlist. BIRTHDAY == MAY 22ND. I am growing out of my terrible twos! To be twentee FEE.

    Disclaimer: I am really not that greedy. Really. :) I just like making lists (this seems more like a shopping list for myself). Also, I really dislike receiving presents. Yes, the thought counts, but I don\’t want to end up with a idontknowhattogetyoubutifoundthisinthegrocerystore5minutes ago type of thing.

    In all cases, JENNISM #1 applies: PRESENCE > PRESENT Nothing makes me happier than having my favorite people present on my birthday. In any form!

    • 2004 � 2003 � 2002 �

    1. Presence, of course
    2. Digital camera (because I just HAD to lose it two weeks ago) – considering the canon powershot s70 or the sony 5 megapixel
    3. 512 sdram for my recently revived powerbook
    4. Tiger! Go ROAR!
    5. Desserts. Cheesecake, ice cream…
    6. 6 lb burger? :)
    7. mp3 player, which I have been shopping for almost 3 years!
    8. a headset for my lg verizon phone (also lost this in January)
    9. winter hat (lost one in february and lost another in march)
    10. airport express
    11. apple optical mouse!
    12. magic!
    13. mac mini!
    14. a bed that does not fall apart
    15. a trip to Boston or NYC!
    16. an inspiration/impetus for my autobiography
    17. handwritten letters from those that matter
    18. and of course the always present CANDY to satisfy my sweet tooth

    birthday wish list!!! Yes it\’s that time again! Just like last year\’s disclaimer, I am not greedy or self-centered (oh wait i am! :D) But it\’s to give you an idea since my birthday == MAY 22ND!


    2002 wishlist
    2003 wishlist

    1. presence (not PRESENT) of all my friends on my birthday – hey you can at least say HAPPY birthday. ;)
    2. mp3 player – hint: 15 gb ipod is nice. so is the mini.
    3. money for tuition next year!
    4. better (silent) case for my desktop with a better mobo – LEDs are nice too!
    5. direct flights from the bay area to pittsburgh, pa
    6. mini-dvi to video cable for my 12\” powerbook
    7. a great gpa for my last semester at cal
    8. summer internship in user interfaces (evidently, my networking skills need to be polished)
    9. the Say Anything… dvd and more DEE VEE DEEs!
    10. flat panel monitor
    11. movers (and cleaners) to get my stuff out of my apartment before my lease ends
    12. the possibility of having my autobio published
    13. (mailed) hand written letters from the people that matter
    14. a new layout for this blog – even though I have been dissatisfied for the last few months, I haven\’t gotten around to it
    15. and the omnipresent: CANDY! (I like non-chocolate more btw)

    EDIT: amazon wishlist and thinkgeek wishlist