I haven\’t been creative lately mostly because the semester has taken a drain on me. BUT! It\’s time for that moment of self-centeredness, selfishness…and although my readership of my blog has definitely dwindled since its early days…

It\’s time again. It\’s time for…my birthday wishlist. BIRTHDAY == MAY 22ND. I am growing out of my terrible twos! To be twentee FEE.

Disclaimer: I am really not that greedy. Really. :) I just like making lists (this seems more like a shopping list for myself). Also, I really dislike receiving presents. Yes, the thought counts, but I don\’t want to end up with a idontknowhattogetyoubutifoundthisinthegrocerystore5minutes ago type of thing.

In all cases, JENNISM #1 applies: PRESENCE > PRESENT Nothing makes me happier than having my favorite people present on my birthday. In any form!

• 2004 � 2003 � 2002 �

1. Presence, of course
2. Digital camera (because I just HAD to lose it two weeks ago) – considering the canon powershot s70 or the sony 5 megapixel
3. 512 sdram for my recently revived powerbook
4. Tiger! Go ROAR!
5. Desserts. Cheesecake, ice cream…
6. 6 lb burger? :)
7. mp3 player, which I have been shopping for almost 3 years!
8. a headset for my lg verizon phone (also lost this in January)
9. winter hat (lost one in february and lost another in march)
10. airport express
11. apple optical mouse!
12. magic!
13. mac mini!
14. a bed that does not fall apart
15. a trip to Boston or NYC!
16. an inspiration/impetus for my autobiography
17. handwritten letters from those that matter
18. and of course the always present CANDY to satisfy my sweet tooth

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  1. hmmm.. birthday wishlist. Well, Happy Birthday. (yes I know it\’s not for 3 weeks, but I\’m getting the early jump on it)

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