Happy 21st Birthday to Xing! Here\’s your GIFT! Psych class, cars, shopping, candy, sex on beach?

And a 22nd Birthday to Karen! Hi hi hi! :) Never forgot that fateful day in Le Conte and the RCC internship. ;) I\’ll see you today at Hua Hin!

Many wishes!

On March 27, the results for admission were mailed out and posted online.

The competition for admission to Berkeley is stiff. Some 37,000 students applied to Berkeley for the Fall 2003 term. Of these, only about 8,900 will be admitted.

I remember how three years ago I received a huge packet in the mail from UC Berkeley. At that point, I was feeling very arrognant and thought…well, that was easy.

But attending Berkeley knowing that a lot of people have been rejected sometimes makes me feel way too elite. There was an instance where someone e-mailed me asking what to do to get into here. Is it really all that cut up to be? To be part of a world-reowned university where everybody competes so bloodily? Or to be part of an university known for its liberal outspokeness?

from Doreen\’s blogee…the lines that struck me the most:

Sometimes you listened, and sometimes you had to go. Usually you had to go.

I think you should have given me a better x-mas present though.

You are a ignorant little bitch!

The rage has worn off, but my stomach still knots at the sight of you.

I can let out nasty bodily sounds, tell you about my failing grades, act like an immature little girl and you\’d still be my personal cheerleader.

Over spring break I learned that:

  • procrastination leads to relief until the day before something is due
  • being insistent on something (aka stubborn) doesn\’t mean I will be happy about it
  • simon likes banana cream pie!
  • never to call college guys on friday nights
  • DNS resolution takes longer than you think
  • webhosting from Lauryn always rules! :)
  • will still remain…unoccupied
  • it\’s interesting how people don\’t have a lot to say unless there is a crisis happening
  • drunk people are stupid
  • my sister holds more grudges than I do :D
  • there are some people who will drive long distances to see you, and there some people who won\’t–you can tell the differences between these two types
  • people really need to call me before they get to my house. otherwise, I might tumble downstairs in my pjs in a groggy state…
  • gas prices go up too fast
  • SDRAM does work on my computer (thanks shroom!)
  • the desire for gelato never stops
  • damage control is always needed
  • My sister left for San Diego today! :( While I was helping her carry her many bags to check-in, an old classmate of high school recognized me. It was the guy who had a locker above mine all four yes of high school. And he\’s the brother of my sister\’s friend Ryan (who fyi spent a very long time at house trying to figure out the rest of this logo game).

    But we mentioned that we went to see Linkin Park over Spring Break.

    He then commented, \”Really? I thought you would listen to more conservative music!\”

    My sis and I were quite flabberghasted. And I bluntly responded in mild laughter, \”Like BSB?\” My sis added, \”Like N Sync?\”

    He then said, \”Yeah something like that…\”

    Now I know what people thought of my sister and me in high school…

    As with nearly every crisis I have, I talk myself this way and that way. At least now I have something to say when they ask me during an interview when I faced a difficult situation.

    Generalization: Every spring break in college has always been tainted with drama.

    I wrote about last year\’s drama vaguely detailed here.

    If I am not good enough, if I am not mature enough, if I am too childish, if I act like a dictator, if I am too stubborn for you, then why do you want me around? You don\’t need me. You never did.

    Interesting how I told Phu a few days ago that my life was lacking in drama. Then I said that I was going to look for it.

    I apparently found it last night.