Dante Inferno Test

I HAVE BEEN banished to the Sixth Level of Hell – The City of Dis!

HI I AM DIS! I thought the test was too conservative Christian, but that\’s expected since it\’s based on Dante\’s Inferno

Level | Score
Purgatory | Very Low
Level 1 – Limbo | High
Level 2 | Very Low
Level 3 | Moderate
Level 4 | High
Level 5 | High
Level 6 – The City of Dis | Very High
Level 7 | Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge | Moderate
Level 9 – Cocytus | Low

Worries of the moment:

– my monthly internet charge is going up
– my summer: to sublet or not to sublet; where is my job?!
– the future after college graduation
BUDDYZOO: how do people know people I don\’t know how they know but they know them and they know me and I don\’t know them and it bothers me omg!

Doy, have a headache.


  • woke up around 11:30 after having a dream that I was writing a paper
  • talked to Naim while I made the last minute touches to my cog sci paper
  • ran to class, walking past the group of people reading the names of Holocaust victims
  • zonked out in class and got my quiz back. \’twas depressing.
  • B&J adventure #1!
  • worked on a perl assignment that is overdue
  • B&J adventure #2!!
  • fainted, passed out, headache
  • I was walking with a friend today…someone I had met this semester. (HI AMY!) And she mentioned how it wasn\’t always so much fun keeping up with the old friends, but it always fun and interesting to hang out with the new. And I find that true. I prefer novelty over the old.

    And while walking with Aaron to Mondo Gelato, he suggested that I have my 21st with my high school friends. To which I responded, \”I don\’t have any.\” And seriously, I don\’t.

    The best advice I have ever received was: Move on.

    So I will move on, but it doesn\’t have to be with…you.

    Oddly enough, my cog sci class does have some real-life functionality. George Lakoff\’s paper on the reasoning behind the Gulf War. We see war as a game. A competition. Treating an illness is fighting a war. Corruption is disease. America as the Hero. If we didn\’t metaphorically see ourselves as heroes, then there wouldn\’t be as much pride.

    On the side, my cog sci group did not show up to the scheduled session. I was the only one who arrived. UGH.

    They say \”cowards never forgive, it\’s in their nature\”. I am only half-coward. Of course to do the right thing is to abolish all my grudges, remove all my blocks, and start being friendly again.

    But I feel uncomfortable with these people. They have hurt me, pained me. And here, I am supposed to change my perspective. They aren\’t really hurting me. They are just helping me. Is it worth it to just take that step? Especially if I don\’t really want to be \”friends\”, but just so that I have fewer enemies?

    That has always bothered me about Dear Abby and Ann Landers, when they both were prominent writers. If there was strife between family members, the advice was to resolve it quickly. However, if it was among friends, then she would advise…perhaps you two have grown apart. maybe it\’s time that you seek other friends. Most people should realize that I equate family and friends at the same level. And that contradiction has always bothered me about…friendship.

    Of course, it\’s always this line (the line that my first ex said justifying him never speaking to me again), I have other friends.