I have an oh so burning desire to work at Yahoo now as a human computer interaction engineer. Currently I know of two blogs of people who are working at Yahoo and from the way they describe it, it seems like a nice homey place. According to this, they have everything that little geek person like me needs – you know, \”healthy\” food, gym, gift shop…non-smokers (because you know, geeks tend to be allergic to everything – have you ever seen me in a Bath and Body store? Yes. exactly.)

A few weeks ago I went to the Career fair and met a rep from Yahoo. I think I was able to give a positive impression as he chose to give my friend and me each a XL Yahoo t-shirt. I also took the step to ask for his business card. Unfortunately due to neglect and common forgetfulness, I forgot to send the obligatory thank you e-mail for him coming all the way from South Bay to Berkeley.

I got a spam today whose subject was Get your LOVER\’s Email PASSWORD with Spy Software. It was oh so enticing, but I had to stop myself before I spilled my guts all over the place.

This week is Homecoming week. It\’s sad that I can\’t really participate in much because I am so busy with stuff (stuff meaning that my procrastination has caught up with me). I missed the free ice cream today. Tomorrow they\’re giving out free sushi. Of course, the point is…the spirit which I have none. My friend April has convinced me to buy tickets to the Big Game (Cal vs. Stanfurd), but I still have yet to pull out my wallet.

Berkeley has just included this option for courses:
Class rosters, which inform instructors of the students enrolled in their courses, now include student photographs. These photographs are the same as those used for students\’ Cal Photo ID cards. Only the instructor of record for the course can view these photographs. Photographs of students on the waiting list are not included.

I don\’t want my professors knowing how I look like. It\’s more of…I want to be able to sneak in and out of class without my professor recognizing me. Plus if I was a professor, I know how I would abuse it. If I was a professor, I would sit down one night and look at all the pictures of my students. Then I would categorically place them into my to-succeed category and the to-fail category. And place bets with myself. Or I will look at the photos and freak out at how many asians there are.

People often have this paranoid fear entering Berkeley, especially if they lived in a suburb all their life. Berkeley is an urban city. Yes, there\’s a park near school where homeless people sleep. Yes, there\’s always strange people calling out to you on the street.

Yet, crimes? According to this safety counts guide, there has been more liquor law violations than any other \”crime\”. This is a college after all!

Is it really fair to get paid for making mistakes? Let\’s say that you\’re paid on an hourly basis. Then you make a huge mistake that slowed down the company\’s production. Then you\’re paid for those 10 hours you spend to correct your mistake.

I remember being annoyingly irritated when I heard that someone where I work got to do that last year. But today, an agent at AAA who knew me through my parents called upon my aid to help her do some Microsoft Word stuff. I was not that happy that I was called upon to do data entry. And to create mailing labels. Sure it sounds easy enough, but with the quirks of Microsoft Word (and the features I NEVER use), it took me 2 hours to configure everything correctly, reading through a manual, align everything (hey this is like trying to bake a cake without knowing the recipe, just having the general idea). And I got paid for it.


There has been this cup of red liquid (I wish it were blood, but life isn\’t that interesting. it was probably cranberry juice) that has been sitting on the steps of the entrance to my apartment complex. Every day I pass by it, wondering why it hasn\’t been knocked over. At the same time, I wonder if someone put it there out of drunken stupor. Or perhaps someone put it out there to test when will someone be motivated enough to take it away and dump it. Or maybe drink it? And of course, I was always wondering why it hadn\’t been knocked over yet.

So today I came back from my usual weekend excursion to find it knocked over, all its contents spilled on the stairs.

Two years ago, I got the flu. I ignored all the symptoms and did a 2 hour intense lab (and magically completed it) while I had a 101 fever. As a result, I laid in my bed almost still for the next 24 hours.

I have a history of going to class sick. Mostly with the philosophy that if I can get everyone sick by my contagions, then the curve of the class will be in my favor (this all relying on the belief that I will get better before my classmates). Funny thing is, I almost said this when some newsperson from one of the big four came to campus to interview students about SARS (the university had banned students visiting from SARS-infected countries from enrolling).

So today, I woke up at 9:30 am to eat breakfast with Cliff. Almost at once, I was hit by a sneeze attack. Somehow it calmed down so that I was able to have a nice breakfast. Then I came back and was hit by exhaustion. Then I went downtown to work for a lady at AAA. Unfortunately, my nose started drippng like crazy, got a headache, aches, chills, tiredness…and basically for the first time ever, I called it a day.

Maybe I make this a real blog (a log of interesting links that I have found on the web)

But I won\’t. Not yet.

EDIT: every word of my sentence is a different link for you who do not realize my artistic pursuits.

EDIT (again):
1. very introspective boy. i like what he says about life and…girls.
2. it\’s a coworker, but he apparently doesn\’t know who i am. now i know the inside of rescomp.
3. human interaction designer. i want to be him. well at least be like him. he has the domain that i was thinking of getting two years ago. but alas i forgive him because he was a berkeley cog sci major.
4. sex or something.
5. friendster forever!
6. now i can play music of famous video games on the piano!
7. always have a list of handy latin phrases with you
8. RIAA IS IDIOTIC. now we know why.
9. I find GOOGLE everywhere. Mine mine.
10. Most people don\’t usually find my site, but I do.
11. Now with a wireless laptop (compliments of cs160) I can find wireless locations throughout califoria everywhere!
12. Inspiration for my own statement of purpose.

In the past week, I have been going to the Free Speech Movement cafe which has wireless internet for students…just to take advantage of me having a laptop. So that I could study and not feel that I was disconnected from the world.

But yet every time I go there, I sign onto aim. Out of the four hours I spent there today, I spent approximately 20 minutes being productive.