Last year, I was in the phase where I didn\’t need anybody. There was always someone to go out with. There was always someone to go grab dinner with. Always someone ready to accompany me to any school event I suddenly have interest in.

It seems as though this year that…it\’s not like that at all. I want to go to a football game before I graduate. As well as watch an independent film on College or all the way in Albany. Or attend the independent film festival this weekend. Who would go with me? About two years ago I went to see a double showing of Todd Solondz of Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness alone. I want to try that new Japanese restaurant downtown. I want to ride AC Transit just to see how far I can go with my free bus pass (that comes with being a student). Hike up to the Big C.

No best friend.

And for those people coming from RBJ (I magically joined recently because I was tired of lurking…and I magically got a good member number for the rbj list!), this isn\’t the journal/blog I have linked. And I promise to make this page much more readable. Yes, I know how messed up my ME page is (it used to be much better before I moved here back in May). And I really want to change the layout soon!

It is Halloween and you know what that means!

It has been one year since the random phone call guy!

Unfortunately all my entries from that period have been deleted due an accident. So for more details, ask me!

But the random phone call guy was dude that called my apartment around this time last year. He was asking for some girl and I kept saying she wasn\’t here. I then accused him of something. And this turned into a 2 hour phone call which turned into a 2 hour phone call later on and on. I had always been suspicious of his motives, because he couldn\’t demonstrate his intelligence (he asked me if I spoke Asian. So I asked him if he spoke Mexican.) and apparently lied about his name (he said his name was mike when I heard other people in the background clearly call him Fernando). And so on, I met him late at night. I came back alive etc etc.


No Castro for me this year though.

Like totally cool. Some radio (?) thing set up a pseudo snow hill on the longest flight of stairs on the northside of campus. As I was walking up to work, I saw people snowboard and ski down these stairs now covered in snow. Now that\’s something you don\’t see every day in Berkeley. Or California!

Out of boredom (and procrastination), I wrote a script that displays the large text above. Yes, you if you use the same computer over and over again will have a personalized greeting. If you just get the generic YOU STRANGER greeting, then you most likely have not commented.

This is my first phase in creating personalized logs for me. Using all these variables (type of operating system, browser version/type, region time, isp name), I can personalize my logs to show the user\’s name rather than the user\’s computer specs.

Sigh, I think I got food poisoning. :(

I have been like up since 6 am because of it.

I am not sure if it was because I ate an one-week old lunch that was refrigerated (probably not since I didn\’t feel the effects until 6 am and I ate this lunch at 1 pm yesterday). Or whether it because of the food I got at the I-house cafe yesterday. First I had a roast beef aram sandwich. Then later on I ordered a half-salad and half Middle Eastern sandwich, which turned out to be a huge plate of raw greens. And because it has been so hot lately (IN BERKELEY), I drank 5 cups of water from their dispenser.

EDIT (4:39 pm): sigh feeling much worse. maybe it\’s a bacterial/viral infection?

EDIT AGAIN: my mommy came all the way from home to my apartment just to get me apple sauce, which to my dismay I couldn\’t open due to my poor grips. Sniff, how wonderous parents are. She also took my temperature and took some of my dirty laundry home. SNIFF!

I have 523 mp3s on my computer (this doesn\’t account for all the mp3s I have burned on CD and the ones I have accidentally lost in the maze that is my hard drive).

My music taste? I don\’t make the greatest music mixes since I have too many genres…that I like.

Andre 3000 – Hey Ya!
Ashworth – Top Ten
Badly Drawn Boy – Say It Again
Clash – London Calling
The Coral – Dreaming of You
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
Jimmy Eat World – Believe In What You Want
Mark Van Dale with Enrico – Water Verve
Melee – Audra
Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun
Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely
Refused – New Noise
Sparks – Rhythm Thief
Utada Hikaru – Hikari
Yanni – The End of August
Yo Yo Ma – Sorrow

I like cloudy weather, but it hasn\’t been like that for the past week. You would think Northern California would be much colder at this time of the year, but it isn\’t!

For the last few weeks, the skies have been bright blue. The sun shining on the campus. Leaves are bright green. And I dislike it.

It\’s the end of October! Isn\’t it supposed to be the beginning of winter?

I present this week\’s installment of SCREW THOSE IDIOTS! The first part, we spend talking with Shroom who discussed a lot about video games (uh yeah I was kind of distanced by the end of that). Then I disagree with Rekuytn with illegal immigration. I have truly defined myself as totally left wing.

My poor little sister is stuck near the fires of SoCal. May the fires not touch our car.

While I was staring at something downloading, I fell asleep. At work. In front of a client aka resident.

Although she was sitting behind me, I am sure she wondered why I had paused when the screen showed a window that said \”CLICK NEXT\”

I joined RBJ after more than a year of contemplation…just yesterday.

Due to Cat\’s advice, I put in the url of my livejournal rather than this blog. Just to show off my writing, you know.

For those of you who don\’t know RiceBowlJournals is an online community of asian journalers. I am sure the future will involve me declaring that I am American and not Asian. As well as meeting those people from my not-so-distant-past in the forums aka my ex-boyfriend. I see this as a new phase. Perhaps I will meet someone and one year later we\’ll end up smacking each other while we down the street. Or perhaps three months later, a nice RBJer will be handing me $1000 in cash. Hmmm…