Thank you Shroom again! :D Shroom drove all the way to UCSD to pick me up and drive me all the way back to Irvine. :) Irvine is as Shroom said. Just another blah town like the towns we call \”home\”. His brother hung around…a lot. Thanks Shroom for a pseudo-Berkeley dinner. :D


OMG! I passed electrical engineering! No doubt, I probably did really well on the final or the professor decided to make the mean a B+. Or he took pity on me when I came to his office with a puppy dog face after my first midterm. I was so hoping for a C in the class, because I was basically failing entering the final. But no! I got a B! :D

I am in San Diego right now! UCSD to be exact. I got dropped off, but my sis isn\’t in her room and basically I have monopolized the entire place. :D

Seriously, why do I have a cold?

I sound just like one of the cold medicine commercials. Too bad most medicines aren\’t good at clearing all my symptoms.

Sore throat
Runny nose
Watery eyes

*SNEEZE* I went to Claim Jumpers with *SNEEZE* Karen, Yeh, David, and Michelle. Earlier, Karen had requested *SNEEZE* to go to *SNEEZE* Claim Jumpers before we finished finals. *SNEEZE* The appetizer combo *SNEEZE* was basically a waste, because not only was the presentation bad *SNEEZE* (just a bunch of onion *SNEEZE* rings piled in the middle *SNEEZE* of the plat surrounded by assorted *SNEEZE* appetizers). The three dishes were order were good *SNEEZE* and *SNEEZE* plentiful. No *SNEEZE* dessert though.

We also went to *SNEEZE* Safeway.

Then hung out *SNEEZE* at *SNEEZE* Karen\’s *SNEEZE* place *SNEEZE*.

As you can see, I had *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* hor-*SNEEZE*-ble \”allergies\” *SNEEZE* and that *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* was quite *SNEEZE* bad *SNEEZE* since *SNEEZE* I was dri-*SNEEZE*-vi-*SNEEZE*-ng.

So instead of going with da girls of the BLAH blog, I went with Karen, Yeh and company to see Star Wars. Because I never saw any of the originals nor Episode I, I was quite oblivious to nearly the entire story. Let\’s just say that I started laughing during the love scenes, especially when Anakin professed his love. \”Sand is coarse…unlike your skin…\” I basically reenacted that scene with Karen afterwards. ;)

I admit though…the YODA scene was one of the best.

Who knew that I\’ll be eating in a restaurant named Sun Hong Kong until 1 in the morning. I basically nursed a glass of hot Hong Kong style milk tea during the dinner. Tomorrow: CLAIM JUMPER!!! :D

\”OMG you look 12\” -Booth Babe at the Gore Booth at E3
*sigh* ¬_¬ and i came out with a tie at the tourney

– excerpt from Shroom\’s profile

Poor Shroom. One of the first things that Shroom said when he first sent me his picture was that he looked young. I never knew it had to come to that. But check out this picture. Shroom with a booth babe! Nonetheless, I envy the fact that he got to go such a convention. And I still have yet to attend Comdex…

I got a haircut today.

My mom embarrassed me.


Maybe I\’ll put pictures up and replace that old pancake in my mouth webcam picture, but my other computer is sitting in my sister\’s room now. If I can get that ethernet card installed…

Tell me again why I was selected as a RCC (residential computing consultant) for the fall? I spent about two hours trying to open my case (and ironically, it opened when I \”accidentally\” dropped the entire computer), and in effect unhooked the power supply. Then I spent 30 minutes trying to put an ethernet card in…unsuccessfully. It just wouldn\’t go all the way in. BAAAH. I want a mini network at home!