This week\’s Friday Five

1. What\’s your favorite vacation spot?
For me, it\’s not what I can see and do that makes a place my favorite vacation spot. It\’s the people that I encounter along the way. When I was young, I enjoyed the New Jersey shores simply because I was able to experiece the beach broadwalk. I had the best experience in Alaska of all places. ;) The people I met on the cruise…the things we did. But then I guess a vacation spot is somewhere where I return over and over again. Okay, well I go to Lake Tahoe/Reno every winter. Does that count? Okay, better answer: my bed.

2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth?
Acalanes High School. Never ever going to return there ever again. Never.

3. What would be your dream vacation?
Another cruise! Well, I have been to almost all ports of calls already, but this time…I to enjoy it with other people other than my family.

4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why?
My sis. Okay, and you Stacee! I doubt that either of them will drive me crazy. At leat I would drive them crazy first. And…that too…they aren\’t the picky type. No i-have-to-stop-for-the-restroom for the sixteenth time in an hour. And yes they would go along with my crazy ideas…and well I\’d go along with theirs too. For the longest time, I had wanted to go on a road trip after high school, but I still haven\’t gotten the chance. Number one reason: my parents won\’t let me drive my \’93 Acura Integra out for more than a 100-mile trip. I want to drive through California. :p Oh yeah and maybe I\’ll take a side trip to Michigan. ;)

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
I had planned to go visit Kristen at Stanford (SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!) this weekend, but I am not sure. I want to watch Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness tomorrow, but I haven\’t gotten a chance to ask anyone to come with me. If I don\’t, I probably will go home and well…basically mope over this week\’s midterms. Then work on my CS hw, EE hw, CS project, unix hw…and delete people from pictures (see below). ;)

Stacee probably likes this line:

Stacee is right.

Yes, I am very obsessed with my trackers although lately I haven\’t gotten any suspicious domains aka people who are reading my blog when they are not supposed to. Haven\’t noticed that many Berkeley domains with the exception of me checking from the lab. Hmm…so that means Cliff and Chris haven\’t been checking at all.

My latest google search: \”college personal essay\”. I am number seven. For the longest time, I think that my essay was probably the reason that I got into Berkeley and got rejected from UCLA. Berkeley likes quirky, strange people. UCLA likes people who are AZN and loved high school.

Grrrrr…half of all my visits are from google searches for Kiss. Not going to help them anymore. Y\’all hear that?! It took a lot of google searching on my own to find information on them. People should suffer as much as I do. You can go here to find out how AZN one of the members is (and how teeny bopper she is too). Yes that\’s really Jini of Kiss. Go look for a true Korean music fanatic. No doubt, a month from now, my words will be indexed in google. I just checked. Someone came here searching for a rich/poor friend. That\’s it…I need to redo my layout.

*sob* So I studied a lot for the EE midterm. More than I would have for any other test. Yet after taking it, I was almost ready to cry. Sad…sad…sad.

Argh, frusturation. Strangely enough though, my dad told me about how he took a lot of engineering classes in college (bioengineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering…) and the only time he ever got a B was in an electrical engineering class. I guess it runs in the family. :p

Now I know that I was made to be a software engineer and not a hardware engineer.

I finally did it! I finally went to the OCF. Earlier, I had been intimidated by the geeks inside. After a year of circling the place, I finally went inside.

Go me!

Anyway, so I signed up for System Administration for the Web sponsered by the OCF. (BTW, I am dropping my EE 43 lab because my blood pressure often rises often in that class…and high blood pressure is not good for my health.). Can\’t wait to start! ;)

Oh misery!

Sigh, woe is me.

I got accosted (to use the term loosely) by another member of the CEF for the third time this year. It was the same speech–join an one-on-one Bible study and you\’ll be fulfilled in your life. Because I was a little irritated last time when she began to follow us, I decided to question the matter of the situtation.

He came up to me saying, \”Can I ask you a question? I am part of CEF–\”

I cut him off and told him that I was already approched twice already and that my sister had already participated in the chapter down south. Then I smiled and asked him to tell me about the Bible study as I walked rapidly through Telegraph. I nodded my head as he followed me. At the crosswalk, I asked him how often he approached people and how he selected those to approach.

\”Oh, just people who are walking alone, right?\” I smiled.

I gestured toward the crosswalk, motioning him to follow me. He seemed reluctant. And so that went on for the next two blocks. At this point, I think he was afraid that I wanted to take him home. \”So tell me more about this,\” I said.

\”Ooh there\’s nothing more to tell.\” Then he added, \”Are you interested in joining? Ummm…where are we going?\”

Somehow I could tell that he wanted to get away. Heh. I asked him for his contact info, but he refused to give it to me saying that he ran out of fliers. How sad. Then he turned on his heel and left, shouting a \”Nice meeting you!\”. Fifteen minutes later, I returned to Sproul Plaza looking for him, intending to stalk him and ya know, asking him to dinner.

Nonetheless though, my intent wasn\’t entirely vicious. I am still…uncomfortable with the state of a bible study…and yes I being sincere in having him explain it to me although at the same time, I wanted him to get afraid of approaching people too. :)

Lest misery. I caught the bus from Southside and rode it to the BART. Then I saw the Northside shuttle which would have taken me directly to my apartment, but the driver was on break. I decided to walk instead of waiting. Unfortunately, by the time I got to my block, the Northside shuttle was just leaving.

EE midterm tomorrow. Sigh.

Oh misery!

So I did a search for Berkeley on and I come across this page.

This struck me the most:
A (man/woman) that I have a crush on is – no one . . .if you don\’t understand, you need to go to berkeley.

Sigh. :p There\’s this rumor that UC Berkeley is known for the ugliest girls. I would have to say Berkeley does have the ugliest guys too. But hey, I am not superficial!

BTW, if you didn\’t know JACK below means a Jack-in-the-box meal. I don\’t get why SoCalers are so fantasized with Jack in the Box.

I\’d settle for an In \’N Out anytime. That is, if there\’s one near Berkeley.

Same goes for Krispy Kreme.