The psuedo-bio needs to be revamped. I was going to include the following piece in there, but I decided not to. But I would like to share some meaningless insight anyway.

I have been going online since I was in the sixth grade. When my dad bought us our first computer, I was the one who figured out how to set up America Online. Can you believe it? That giant of an online service was still around then. My first screenname (besides using my dad\’s name) was Ickis. The nervous monster in Aaah! Real Monsters on Nickelodeon. Eventually, high school rolled around and I grew up. Sorta. I had already been through America Online, Compuserve, Prodigy and eWorld. During sophomore year of high school, I adoped the screenname of Tinkle. Yes, tinkle. At that point of my life, my mind was constantly a blank slate. My new screenname was insired when I watched Barbie\’s little niece tinkle in her plastic toilet on TV. Then for short, Tink. Wasn\’t I so mature? That\’s what luckyduckluk (or Viv) still calls me even though the only place I use it now is on ICQ. Then I read literature. I don\’t know what was so magical about Homer\’s The Odyssey, but I adopted the names of Circe and Calypso from there. Usually…I go by Circia now.

Maybe I should just go by Jenn.

Woink! Poooom!

Yes, those sounds of the electricity going out. Don\’t they just sound dreadful?

I had my mini-heater going on. My computer on, blasting my music from the speakers. I also had my new George Foreman Lean, Mean Grilling Machine burning a fat piece of meat in the kitchen. Also, my roommate had her computer going, playing classical music. She was using my toaster oven to cook a drumstick. Oh, and not to mention we had nearly all the lights on.

No it wasn\’t our fault!

We were electricity-less for about thirty minutes, during which I took the initiative to call PG&E (plus my parents for advice). I shuffled to the kitchen in complete darkness, trying to find the lighter to light my roommate\’s candle. She then found her flashlight. With the light from the hallway, I called Omar, my landlord. He figured out to flip the switch. Weariness overcame me and I sorta forgot to ask him about fixing the window lock.

And here we are again…with three computers on full blast…lights on in every room in the apartment…cooking in the kitchen…charging my poor little cell…

I can\’t believe it. Finally I overcame my constant social anxiety, so that I could talk to people at the career fair. My lack of skills and experience shouldn\’t need to undermine my ability to excel in an internship. Nonetheless, I didn\’t know what to respond when they asked for my gpa. Should have simply said, \”No comment.\” But I couldn\’t find the words. Haha.

So I got to submit my resume to Chevron, EFI, PG&E (although they cheated me in last month\’s gas bill), and TechTv.

I really need to surround myself with brain-dead CS people. I didn\’t feel that good today when it took me two hours to solve the first lab problem while it took most people about ten minutes. Then now, I am stuck on the first EE problem.

\”Assume that the D/A converter gives an output voltage function that consists of the values of the input voltage at the sampling times, connected by straight lines…\”


These are the times that I wish I was truly innately bright.

Update: my dad (the one who has sent me thousands of virus hoaxes) has just sent me the \”New photos from my party!\” worm. I wonder if he got that worm from my sister. How sad.

Although I never played the role playing game, I am intrigued with Final Fantasy. I know people who are hardcore ff players. Then those who attempt to collect everything that is Final Fantasy.

Needless to say, the music is what intrigues me the most (besides the storyline). The theme To Zanarkland composed by Nobuo Uematsu is the best one from FFX. I want to learn how to play it on the piano although I have barely touched that instrument for nearly a year. Yes, thirteen years of formal piano training gone.

First page here and second page here.

I don\’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Yesterday, I received nearly 10 e-mails from the Circle K mailing list with the same subject heading – \”New photos from my party!\”. My first thought was how dumb was it to have someone send an e-mail to a mailing list like that. Who would be so self-centered do such a thing? Evidently, I thought someone was. However, I scanned down the list and noticed an e-mail indicating that the earlier e-mails had a worm/trojan horse attached.

Sad, really sad. That means the people who sent the e-mails had the circle mailing list in their address book (why would anybody do that?) and had opened an e-mail with the worm. Sad.

Okay, then it was sadder when I received four e-mails from my sister with the worm. Sad.

But the worst part was she didn\’t even know she got infected.

If you\’re looking for more information, go here.

After Sam sent me the entire Jimmy Eat World Clarity album, I kept listening over and over…and actually liked it. At the time, I thought it was incredibly unique, because I hadn\’t heard a screeching nerdy guy sing before.

Turns out that genre is called emo (short for emotional punk). Additionally, almost all emo bands sound alike. I downloaded At Your Funeral and Through Being Cool both by Saves The Day…and was surprised to hear the same kind of screeching to that Jimmy Adkins of Jimmy Eat World.

These are the nerds of punk rock.

I can\’t believe it. I am a prudent driver. After all the comments that Sam was making yesterday about my driving…hmmm. Then again, Sri made comments about my driving too. And I remember Thanksgiving 2000 where a friend told me to drive into the wall. He was joking of course. But without thinking, I almost did just that. Let\’s not forget that I failed my first drive test. :) Am I a safe driver? That\’s for you to figure out.

It\’s only an online personality test, after all!