BECAUSE I AM SPITEFUL AND ANGRY, I bought tickets to Minny Soda today. :D

My parents are against the entire idea of me going to visit GUYS that I haven\’t met. This is almost a repetition of my visit to see ALAN a few years ago. But now I am 21. Back then I was 18. And still under my parents\’ guidance? Now I am 21. And I still feel like I have to seek their approval. One of the first things my dad was worried about was…what he would tell people. Superficiality ensues.

My mom left me stranded at home today. I had scheduled a lunch with a friend in Berkeley at 11. But when I woke up, my car was gone only my mom\’s Honda CRV was in the garage. And unfortunately, there are no extra keys to that car in the house. GRRRR…I WAS PISSED. I cancelled lunch and refused to eat anything when she returned. I just drove off to Berkeley where I ate a microwavable lunch I found in the fridge. And bought airplane tickets for my trip in AUGUST to you know cause spite!!!!

I fixed my album. I will hopefully be putting a new layout soon. This will depend on how much time I will be able to spend in Berkeley (need my fast computer and fast connection)! Then perhaps, I will finally get the scavenger hunt photolog up…


Did I ever mention that I dislike office work?

Last week, my MOTHER got me an one-day job at a local insurance company. I arrived on time and had to wait 30 minutes until she was done. Then I did some computer work (aka fix her spelling errors because I saw them, merge documents, create mailing labels) then the worst thing of all. I attached address labels, stamps, sealing tape to 322 envelopes. Now I am wondering how I am going to do my wedding invitations.

I can do thank you cards. Yes I can.

So when I visit Minny Soda…

me: cheez says that you will probably place me in a cot RIGHT NEXT to your bed
me: ahahahaha
tan tan: it gets cold on our summer nights you see

Because Jamba Juice wasn\’t open, I decided to get something at nearby at Starbucks. Two hours later, I am feeling shakey and jittery. No more coffee ever. It\’s funny how my ex told me if I was ever in ucsb to drop by and grab some coffee. My first response was \”I don\’t drink coffee\”.

I did the photolog scavenger hunt (partially)…but just couldn\’t find the rest on the list. Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow!

And thanks to my sissy for a trip to San Diego! :D Most of the trip could be summed there. Many thanks to TOM who drove us around. And to Angie to taking us shopping. And to Ellen for driving me to the airport. And yes to my sis for great hospitality and FOOD!

I created the RC car I got from Alex today. Sniff, it\’s my first (motorized) car ever (besides that car on a keychain that I got from my sister when I was 16…). Then I went with Lulu to Stoneridge to return the dress I got for my b-day. And yes get a more expensive outfit that i probably will wear only on occasion.

*shake shake*

LOOK! I GOT SOMETHING FROM CHEEZ for my b-day! :D I requested such a thing about 6 months ago…BUT YEAH! :D :D Thanks CHEEZ!

I really thought it was amusing how Cheez wrote his exclamation marks. One vertical line with a circle underneath! And especially how he OBVIOUSLY added the line \”my birthday = August 18!\” (with the peculiar exclamation mark).

So either I broke it or it was already broken. *cough* I mean, my sister\’s router. When I arrived here Saturday night, her Internet wasn\’t really working. Because her roommates were going to be gone for the weekend, I plugged her ethernet cord directly into the cable modem instead of fiddling with the router. It worked. But now her roommates have returned, and of course, they must use the router…which isn\’t WORKING.

I have the same router in my apartment in Berkeley…but GAH, this router is giving me more frusturation than necessary. No computer will pick up the internal ip address. I wonder if I fried any of the ethernet cords since it won\’t work at ALL. FRUSTRATION. DISPLEASURE.


Today, I woke up and went shopping and got a headache. Ouch. The fact that we are shopping for clothes to make us look better than other people, to compare ourselves to others, to find something that will accentuate our \”good\” features, the fact that we can pass superficial judgments on clothing – skany, conservative, and the desire to find a low price. The mall we went to (Fashion Valley in La Jolla) was full of the brand name stores, the stores where manicured snobby plastic surgery women shop. HEADHACHE. My sister\’s friend got us \”interested\” in an eyebrow shaping appointment. Ugh, major headache after I returned.

Funny thing is…after two years, I am more bitter than I thought I was. But like all the drama that has occured the last few weeks, I couldn\’t help but engrain some Matrix quotes into my conversation.

Because of you…because of you…I…

I have Doreen\’s apartment all to myself right now. Her roommates are out of town. And she is staying over at Tompee\’s apartment. TIME TO THROW A PARTY! NOT!

I am in San Diego, visiting my sissy! :D

Yesterday was interesting, she took me to the Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed community service fraternity) end of the year banquet. Each person got a toothpicker holder *cough* shotglass.

Now off to explore the many restaurants of La Jolla!


I have to learn to appreciate life\’s little pleasures. It\’s strangely odd how I can get so happy when surrounded by friends.


After a disappointing time at Raleigh\’s (ALEX YOUR FAULT FOR RECOMMENDING, BUT THAT\’S OKAY!) we wandered over to Mel\’s. Had a great time making jokes about this and that. And telling stories about drama. And food. And they sang happy birthday to me in an empty section of the restaurant. yeah!

It\’s just kind of sad that the majority of the people here graduated the last few days and I won\’t see them that often. Starting to get me all nostalgic about Berkeley.

Photos coming soon!

Congratulations to all the 2003 graduates! :D Today, I sat through the UGIS ceremony (the dept above cognitive science) for two hours. Got \”tanned\”. I had read about the student speaker before, a re-entry student who lived in People\’s Park while attending class here…but his speech at the ceremony was a bit lackluster. And I found that Kenny who was the study group leader for my linear algebra class…was one of the runner-ups for University Medal, the highest honor in Berkeley. So admirable, because not only did I know him…but he taught the study group so well that I did \”well\” in the class and I always went to watch the Men\’s Octet especially when he performed…because he was always the most active and the singer with the most personality. OMG, I KNOW HIM!

The end of my birthday is drawing near! Tomorrow is my birthday the best is yet to come! :D But thanks to everyone who made it great.

At midnight last night, I was bombarded instantaneously with ims. :D And phone calls! And of course, saying it in person. BESTEST GIFT in the entire world. Yes and the thread at positively.cpnet (I am supposed \”welcomed\”! HMM!) :D :D :D

oh and yes, the presents! (updated 5/23)
– PRESENCE AND PHOTOZ of friends the best thing in the world!
– a Sanrio notebook. OMG? I AM 21!
– a notebook/bath&body thing
– surprise HUGZZZZZZ
– dress!
– A FMO. a RC car! ahahahahaha…reminds me of the scene in American Beauty
– a barette for i know…my messy hair
– neckalace, because I know I need a change from my every day puka shell neckalace
– CD
– OMG CATCHER IN THE RYE! why didn\’t anybody get me more copies? sobby. but it\’s OKAY!
– chinese pastries. I couldn\’t believe it either.

So many thanks to Stacee, Cheez, Alecky, Boris, Alex, April, E, Lele, Mikkkkeee, meow CAT!, Naim, Xing, Tram, MY SISSY, Viv, Lydia, Tanner, Ben, Tom, Nadine, Shroom, Dinh, Zelda, Lulu, Aaron, Peggy, Lauryn and other protag people, the people at Mondo Gelato (yes I got free scoops! limon and indian mango), SmarterChild, the people at TODAI (omg?!), the \’rents and last but NOT LEAST Shinelun (THANKS FOR THE BIG surprise PICKUP HUG…HAVE A GREAT TRIP IN SOCAL! and singing too!)