Couches and backseats

Couches are one of the few places where the boundaries are nearly infinite. You can define the boundaries through when the cushions end, but if not? You can show affinity for someone, but slowly inching over. Touching, but not really touching. Intentionally and unintentionally. You can choose to move over, indicating the definite space between parties. How many furniture pieces can do that?

evdo, love you i do

Thanks to work, I have an access to an evdo card. A card that allows me to have broadband wireless anywhere. And simply put, it’s fantastic.

Purely because at my parents’ house, broadband internet does not exist. Dialup internet still reigns large out here in the suburbs of San Francisco. And the sweetness of being using the laptop anywhere is something I need to remind myself not to take for granted.

After all, I am no longer in Carnegie Mellon University. Not in Pittsburgh.

And definitely not near any San Francisco 2.0 cafe.

Update 12/15/2007:

Welcome GigaOm readers!

It’s one year later and since those 3 days at my parents’ house, I have not used evdo. I did enjoy the convenience of having broadband without being attached to the wall. But I don’t know anyone who has an evdo that isn’t supported by their company. I still have yet got one for personal use. An xmas present for myself? Unlikely.

Friendly hint: Writers might want to check their sources.


A dedicated GigaOm reader

Chances for reconnection

My sister went to her 5 year high school reunion a few days ago. Before going, she was filled with anxiety, reminded about the people, the incidents that occurred to her. But she went anyway. And when she came back, she reported it was the same scene–most people had not changed. The mean girls were still the mean girls. The outcasts were still the outcasts. And besides a few people gaining weight or change of hairstyle, it was painfully the same.

I never did hear about my 5 year, but perhaps I’ll hear about my 10 year. But I always imagined that I would return to show my accomplishments, my upward success. A self-validation of some sort–that high school could never predict my achievements. And yet, for what end? I don’t have a need to reconnect with people. I don’t have that high school crush that I need to get over. I just have a feeling to see how people have changed, if at all. And to prove that I am not just quiet, shy girl everyone thought I was.

Work daze and holidaze

In case you never knew where I was working or the people I work with…a short, simple greeting from my company. I have the credit for adding the text. They didn’t like the sponges and fake garlands I put around the border. Too tacky.

See? We look normal.

Cancellations and dreams

I am so used to people flaking that I have grown to always have a backup plan in every situation.

And sometimes it’s plan B that I want to happen, but obligations and promises come first.

How often are there days where something huge was cancelled or rescheduled…then suddenly you have a brand new day completely free? How often can you answer “I don’t know” with a smile when someone asks you “What are you doing today?”

No more breaks

How was life like during school when I would have 3 weeks of nothing to do? Did I really sleep every day? Did I really wake up at home, having absolutely nothing to do? Did I really enjoy and take advantage of every moment?

When she sings…

Does the poetry grab your heart too?

I continued my xmas card writing today and came across a name that hadn’t entered my thoughts for months. And I couldn’t help but remember.

We were standing together in a coffeehouse. At the counter. A brillant summer day. It was before he explained why it wasn’t going to work out. It was before I stood up at 3 am and walked out into the summer night. At the coffeehouse, he bought his own cup of coffee and me a bottle of water. Even though it was summer, he wrapped his hands around the cup, drinking the soothing brown liquid down. Black, straight, without sugar or milk.

He had smiled at me and I smiled at him back. The sun was bright and we took a walk for three hours. Untouched, unbroken.

Sticky on a pan

My good friend Kyle, a great mechanical engineer, taught me how to get that initial sticker off a pan.

Boil water in it and the sticker will come off.

I spent days trying to get it off. And the sticker on the pan never came off. I left that pan in my room for 2 months. Every time someone visited, they asked me why a pan was sitting under my dresser.

Thanks to Kyle, I won’t have to answer that question.

Oh dvd player, arise.

On my flights back and forth from Pittsburgh, I often watched 24 to pass the hours spent in a cramped airplane and airports. And by sudden chance (thanks to Taiche), I finally got a chance to see season 5. The one season I resisted sitting in front of the tv every Monday night. My roommate then watched it. And I admit once that I sat down at the stairs, letting the overtness, unreality of 24 wash over me. That oh yes, I can be just like Jack Bauer.

But to my dismay, my cd drive on both my powerbook and my macbook pro don’t work. What to do now with this potential nearly 24 hours of Jack Bauer-ness?

Oh that was a hint. I really just want to learn so much more