Oh my poor sissy! She just decided to go to the emergency room for her inflamed eye. How painful! :( Mostly because she didn\’t want to wait for an appointment which would have been tomorrow at 5-6 pm. Poor lady!

As humans, it\’s impossible to go through life without getting sick. Our immune system is tough, but not tough against all forces of Mother Nature. And that itself worries me. All these ailments plague my family history. In particular, breast cancer. My grandmother is going into surgery tomorrow just for that. And my step-grandmother (despite not being blood related) has gotten cancer…for the 3rd time. Should I be glad that medicine has improved so dramatically? Or should I be glad that we will all live longer despite pain and agony…and a dependence on a daily handful of pills?

When little kids get a thrill out of smashing office chairs into each other like bumper cars, people my age get their high from hot and dirty gossip.

I want to start my project for my digital video class. In some ways, it\’s my dream come true. I could be a director, editor, producer, actress, screenwriter…all in one! All just because I have access to a $1200 Sony digital video camera and Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro.

But as for my projects, I have so many ideas! Which one sounds the best?

1. The (former) friend a look at my self-destruction in the past 4 years; interviews with people I used to know but (accidentally or intentionally) burnt bridges; try to understand the meaning of the word \”friend\”; I already tried talking to someone, but it ended up almost as a debate of why I should change

2. Mike! Fernando! Random phone call guy! the dramatization of the random phone call guy fiasco of fall 2002; narration by me; use of images to symbolize moments

3. I have no professional training a documentary about how William Hung has impacted Berkeley; the true perspectives of non-fans; try to get an interview with Mr. Hung himself – most likely unsucessful – follow the steps of obtaining an interview like Michael Moore in Roger and Me

4. That Girl a straight-up autobiography of me me me me! Involving mostly fragments of my life interweaved with previous film work I did when I was younger

5. The old people a documentary of my (maternal) grandmother and step-grandmother; my dad refers to them as the old people; it\’s going to be really difficult because I have a very large language barrier with them; it would be interesting to me to focus on how my family was unaccepting of my step-grandmother when she suddenly appeared after my paternal grandmother passed away…then how my family had to accept her finally

6. plain music video, selecting a music piece of my choice and just place it against images

My summer days are so boring. I think I have spent too much time with my parents. Now I know why my parents dread retirement. There\’s…nothing to do! So my daily schedule has been:

  • someone knocks on my door saying it\’s lunchtime (note: I am only living at home for the summer)
  • five to ten minutes later, I stumble downstairs and eat lunch
  • upstairs – get ready for work, maybe check my e-mail
  • go to work or go to sleep, check e-mail read (if there\’s no work)
  • if no work, I may go to Costco (I have been there twice this week already)
  • eat dinner
  • lounge in living room, watch TV until my eyes become glazed
  • take shower, go online
  • sleep
  • I am looking at places live this fall. It\’s weird how people who are also going to CMU aren\’t even that anxious. A friend of mine plans to crash at a friend\’s place the week before class starts and find an apartment that way. I can\’t wait that long, wandering around an area that I will barely know. So I am visiting Pittsburgh in about 2 weeks. To experience the full glory of the steel town, I am planning to take the public bus from the airport (2 dollars one way) and stay at Morewood Gardens CMU dorms (approx $21/night).

    This all after leaving SFO at 11 pm and arriving at PIT at 8 am (red-eye flight). I don\’t know whether I should stay in a room in a house rented by someone I befriended online. Or to take a room offered by people who are part of my masters program. Or live in a place with young professionals. Or live with undergraduates who attended University of Pittsburgh. Or to take a new apartment entirely and find new roommates. Or to take a room in my neighbor\’s friend\’s (a professor) house. Or…rent a studio?

    At least with my experience renting in Berkeley, I\’ll know what not to rent. And thank god the rents in Pittsburgh means that I will always have my own room. And I love the fact that everybody needs broadband Internet there where some Berkeley people were willing to deal with dial-up.

    Dentists makes your teeth chatter. I have changed my dentist almost every 2 years of my life. Due to cost. Due to location. Due to time constraint. Due to practice.

    My latest dentist is this Indian guy who seems intent on beautification. In each patient room, there is this small tv. It drives me crazy that there is a TV. Each time I am brought into the room, I refuse to watch it, thinking it\’s mindless entertainment for suburbanites. What is the point really when one cannot reach it while being cleaned. After awhile, I figured out that it was meant to entertain the patient while they waited. Every appointment I had with the dentist, I have waited 30+ minutes or more. So is this what the mindless TV is for?

    But I submitted myself today and watched a silent 30 minutes of CNN. Images of the President, the Iraq occupation, the hotmail mailbox increase, the empty commercials of ED and anti-Kerry, pro-Kerry…

    Apparently gmail has been too widespread now. Everybody and their mother has one. Despite all those people willing to give \”friendship\” on gmailswap, having an account is no longer exclusive. It occured to me that I have 5 invites left and nobody has asked for one. So perhaps, I should make another for myself.


    or how about simply dramah@gmail?

    or better yet, I should copy one of my friends: jenn.is.right@gmail

    The new La Salsa restaurant had offered one of those \”buy any entree, get second entree for free\” with the small print reading \”second entree for equal or lesser value\”.

    It was enough to entice my parents to spend dinner there…on my wallet. :) What was amusing was that it was the first time my parents had went to a \”true\” Mexican-style restaurant with a salsa bar. My mom got out the salsa cups and took a scoop of each salsa available. Then after we had finished the filling dinner, she took 3 little cups of her favorite salsa. All secretly wrapped underneath a napkin. \”Very good for fish!\” she exclaimed with excitement.

    How cute! Now why aren\’t some of my friends as excited when I bring them to a new style of restaurant!

    Somehow, I have been granted with too many gmail invites than I know what to do with. At gmailswap, I gave one to a guy who would not drink (alcohol) for a week. I gave another to a lotr fan (although his rendition was slightly off). So now like other bloggers, comment if you want a gmail invite. Put your REAL e-mail (not DELETETHIS or NOSPAM) address in the e-mail box. Unlike other bloggers, this will all be to my discretion. :) Good luck.