Each year of the past decade in 20 words or less: 2010s edition

Okay, first Previously. I cheated and gave 25 words to a packed year in 2014.

EVERYTHING is fun and good. Alternate reality games, puzzles, and more! We win the Street Food scavenger hunt after multiple crazy videos. Also, travel.

Quit job and start a job in house! Visit Peru, kickstarting an brewing identity crisis involving relationships, location, and everything.

Identity crisis morphs into traveling around the world involving ice cream, writing a book, kickstarter. Visit Argentina, Uruguay, Taiwan, Philippines.

So. Much. Traveling. USA. Canada. Turkey. Italy. Broken promises. Begin to hate airplanes. An AWA writing workshop changes my life.

Identity crisis resolves. Sell crazy ideas. Join a real writing group. On-a-boat writing workshop. Find an ending in Vermont. Discover healthcare. First Nanowrimo since 2003.

Goal is to finish the book. Healthcare calls me. A project inspires my first talk. Visit Brazil. Finish the book.

Publish ICTG. Give two BIG talks. Love winter. Get job that should change my life. 45 gets elected. Rethink job.

Quit job. Say that I need to save the country. Join a wellness company. Visit Thailand/Myanmar. Give another talk.

Change jobs. Again. Speak in Chicago. Side trip to NYC for a concert. Don’t find myself at wypipo writing workshops

Visit Japan in the winter. Work at one job. Never work on my novel. Multiple accidents. Accept me as me.