GRRRR GAAAAH! So I guess the week has accumulated to its peak now. I got sick again! Again. AGAIN!

EDIT: 8:25 pm – took ibuprofen. \”illegal\” dosage of 600 mg. passed out in bed. feverish dreams abound.

EDIT: 9:30 pm – must…must…do work. fever now 101.5. feel cold even though it\’s 70+ degrees in my room.

EDIT: 10:01 pm – send e-mail to interface and interaction design instructor to request for an extension for project due on Wednesday

EDIT: 12:55 am – did work. fever now only 99. don\’t feel like there is a clamp around my head. productive mucusy cough starts. think have talked too much about being sick to people. think also to spread around the disease. feel hot. think about stripping.

EDIT: 1:17 am – flash crashes on me. i am mad, but it\’s not because my \”flu\” has made me delirious. if only flash could read my mind. flashy flash.

I am weak. I admit it. Today, I went with a group member to this lumber salvage called Construction Junction to get building supplies for our Home 2020 project. In the class, we\’re creating anything that will demonstrate the home of the future, namely my group (3 of which are from computatonal design is creating a springy kid\’s room where the floor will interact with the walls. So we were supposed to get 2x6s to create the 6 foot cube. After that adventure of choosing pieces of salvage lumber from a huge pile outside, loading and unloading, I swear…my muscles ached. I got one splinter on the pinky of my left hand. And I could barely put my hands up to put my hair in a ponytail. We ended up getting 2x10s…sticking out of my groupmate\’s car. When I was helping him unload, I could barely lift a piece.

I hate being a stereotype. Unfortunately I am the female stereotype of strength. I don\’t like standing around helplessly, yet my lending of a hand is only enough to carry a piece of cardboard.

Speaking of which, I present the SIXTY-NINE chair (this shows only one piece). We created this last week for our cardboard furniture project. Basically we glued A LOT of pieces of cardboard together and cut them on the bandsaw to create chairs.

An old boyfriend once told me, \”Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.\”

But we all know I am a hypocrite. It\’s easier to talk about people with others. In fact, one of the easiest conversation topics is about someone you know. When you are meeting someone for the first time, talking about someone that you both know mutually is the quickest way to bond. And yet, it is true. Great minds discuss ideas. No wonder, the second BOYFRIEND could only last 3 days.

Alex taught me how to row yesterday.

Today, I went bowling. Dropped the ball twice. Got approximately 3 strikes and 4 spares. And at least 15 gutter balls. In two games. I rock.

So apparently if you search for \”carnegie mellon\” in google images, there\’s a nice surprising result.

Woould this show to prospective students that CMU really has normal people? Or maybe vice versa? That CMU is one scary place?

Everytime I laugh, I feel like I am laughing like SYNDROME from the Incredibles. Maybe it\’s because when I do laugh, it\’s TOO LOUD. Most of the time, I do my silent laugh. That\’s right, sometimes you don\’t know if I am laughing at you or not.

Food challenges galore!

Reminders to self:

  • Cannot watch the same movie more than two times in a month
  • Will get hiccups if tired and sleepy and…anxious
  • Must prepare for burger challenge
  • If desire arises to roll around in extra virgin snow, must wear shoes that don\’t allow ice to soak through
  • Have weakness for food, especially if someone is cooking for me…(thanks Jeff!)
  • On another note, say no to going out for dinner if have work to do
  • Iced tea is really high frutose syrup
  • Buy boots without heels
  • Heels hurt feet
  • Flying snow hurts face
  • Don\’t step into those brown puddles in the road
  • Don\’t walk too close to the edge of the sidewalk in Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh drivers don\’t notice pedestrians
  • Wool is itchy
  • How I am very un-girllike (for my age?):

  • I own only 6 pairs of shoes – two pairs of flip flops, two nikes, one pair of ankle boots, one pair of pseudo-dress shoes
  • I don\’t like or wear perfume – right now, I am sort of suffocating…
  • My entire wardrobe can fit into two large suitcase (minus my jackets)
  • Bugs don\’t scare me
  • I have worn makeup probably three times in my life – all those times someone else put it on for me
  • If I had a choice between the generic chick flick and the generic action movie, I would choose the latter. Always. Of course, if it was between a chick flick and horror, I would choose the former. So maybe not…that characteristic…
  • I tend to know more about (fixing/administering) computers than the average guy!
  • What is this 4-letter word cute??!?!?! Sometimes I can\’t believe I let myself say that\’s cute
  • It\’s 9 degrees Fahreinheit right now! Time to pull those thermal pants so that I don\’t turn into a block of ice on my 30 second journey to the bus stop.

    I think my housemates turned up the heat all the way. It\’s so hot in my 8 x 8 room.