I have always consider me to be a non-anxious person (at least when it comes to academia), but did you see me as I walked into the GRE test room?

The GRE is computer adaptive which means that the test is entirely taken on a computer, where you click on multiple choice (just like those online surveys!) and word process up essays there. Plus, since it\’s computer-adaptive, if you can\’t answer the first few questions correctly, the computer will give you easy questions (which sort of is bad for your score). If you answer the first few correctly, it will give you harder questions.

Oddly enough, it was the first time that I had a this test is going to determine my entire future mindset. It\’s probably not really true. How many people do you really know who have gone to graduate school? Yeah.

The first section (the analytical section) went well. I did as Princeton Review told me to do. Yet as I started on the next section, the guy who had been pounding at his mouse the entire time, started on his essay portion. And no matter how much I could phase out, his pounding on the keyboard was just…horrible and distracting. I suppose I could have asked the proctors for earplugs, but I didn\’t and just sat through it all. Thankfully, that section that I had been working on was probably experimental because I still got a decent score at the end.

I am taking the GRE tomorrow. Faints. I really hope I can do well. What is great about the GRE is that it\’s computer-based rather than paper-based. No accidental pencil marks, no breaking of pencil omg i need it…

I wonder what happens if the computer freezes right in the middle of the test though.

And now for a master GRE question!

a and b are both numbers

a > b > 0

I. a/b
II. b/a

Which of the following is true?
a) I is larger than II
b) II is larger than I
c) I and II are equivalent
d) it cannot be determined

I already got critisized TWICE (and I am sure THRICE soon) for having a so-called narrow view of a certain habit that guys have.

Yesterday, I went to work on a computer that was located in the guys\’ dorm. Like all the other RCCs, I really dislike going into Bowles just for the fact that it\’s easy to get lost in there and residents sometimes act very FRATish. But this was my first experience (since I started working last year) when I had to work on a computer that had a wallpaper of a nearly naked girl. Not only that, the resident had used a magazine page highlighting the 100 hottest sexist girls EVER to cover up the drawers. Not to mention the numerous scantily clad girls on the walls.

In addition, I heard the suitemates and the resident frolicking around a TV, making superficial \”supposedly funny\” sexist comments. Of course, in one respect, he probably was acting that way around his friends…but still. I remember how much I personally disliked it when I was invited to gloss over a magazine of shiny models to only say she is so hot (and i want to get plastic surgery one day so that i can just look like her).

I just tried to focus on the task on hand, which was scanning the computer for virii and installing Norton Antivirus, trying not to click on the girl\’s breasts. (I think I will get some nice google hits for this one.)

But stop before defending your poor meaty little hearts…OMG JENN YOU\’RE STEREOTYPING…OMG JENN YOU\’RE SO NARROWMINDED, IT DOESN\’T MEAN THAT WE ARE SEX-OBSESSED. I am just pointing out an interesting event of my day. :)

I think Mikkkeee would be impressed.

OMG, so Seth told me yesterday night that he had something for me. I took that as a clue that he had some pessimistc, sadistic motive involve.

But no, he comes over to my apartment spontaneously and gives me this:

That\’s right. This t-shirt from thinkgeek.com. SNIFF. that boy knows what i am talking about.

He also wanted to use my digital camera.

Sniff. I am like so blogging..that.

How superficial can some people be??!?!?!?!

I know some of my close friends are superficial, but omg this is the last straw.

Ben of madcool.com and cupidcontact.com (big whoop), some guy I had met on my trip to China who has many \”connections\”, finally joined friendster due to my coaxing. He immediately added a few of his friends, but was very reluctant to add me because of my picture. Yes, my picture is of me three years ago when I got my widom teeth out. Because I am so sensitive to skin incisions, my cheeks puffed out and I looked like I was \”mentally challenged\”. Ben refused to add me, but after awhile he decided why not.

And immediately his female friends complained. One called me a dog and promptly said woof woof to show off her superior ability of judgement. All of the three agreed that my picture being on his friendster profile made him look bad.

Well, okay so it\’s friendster. Some trivial \”matchmaking\” six degree network site. Yet still. I put my picture up on friendster to test how superficial people were. Most gladly added me, and furthermore some people didn\’t notice how odd my picture was. But of course, Ben succumbed to superficiality. HMMPH.

Like Lele, I am jealous. I want to participate in research projects within GUIR (group for user interface research), but I am just a lone cognitive science major with a lukewarm gpa. I read about the graduate students involved…and omg envy. Most graduated summa cum laude (the highest honors) and were valedictorians of their undergraduate class.

These are the people who will get into almost any graduate school they want to attend. Then have a great time there doing research. Then graduate…and some company or school will grab them immediately. Set for life.

My dad was just like that although he did poorly in humanities courses and excelled in his engineering courses. He was the top in his class…from getting his bachelors (in 3 years) to getting his masters, to getting his PHD. Did I ever mention how my cousin once said to me Your dad is soooooooo smart!

Yet as we all know, doing well in school doesn\’t make you a better person. Maybe more job opportunities, but that\’s not the main factor of life.

Yet another one of my pet peeves.

When the toilet roll is done (only in a residence of course), why don\’t people go get another roll to replace the empty roll?

That is, if someone takes the last sheet, why doesn\’t that someone refill it?!

I remember having that experience at Cheez\’ house. I interrupted his housemates\’ conversation to get another roll because Cheez was busy.

It\’s my third day of class and I am more worn out than I am supposed to be.

I woke up at 9:30 am (after going to sleep at 2 am…for what reason I do not know besides having to work four hours straight with grad students…and their computers). Then I basically ran all the way to the other side of campus with several people trying to say hi to me. Got \”lost\” the building of my destination. Then found the room, only to discover that there was no class inside. Later, I found out that I got the incorrect room number.

I walked up a steep hill for two blocks and bought myself a smoothie. Then had my user interface class, which I am waitlisted for. Then I ran to the northwest side of campus to my other class. And after a dull lecture where I sat on the floor with people walking into me all the time…I thought it was the end of my day.

To my shock, I had one more class that I had to attend. Went to my class, running up 3 flights of stairs. And to discover again, I had yet another class. I ran all the way to the Northeast side of campus. Then convinced by a friend, I went to my last class.

Yes, \’twas a busy day. But I didn\’t say it was interesting.

One thought that I have. When I see someone trying to flyer me (that is, when someone is trying to hand me a flyer advertisting a sorority, club, fellowship, etc.), I am just going to run them over. Seriously. I want to see what happens.