The sun was out today. And all I wanted to do was smile.

In other news, AIM died for at least 30 minutes today. Not that I was in a frantic mood, I am not as much as a AIMoholic as I used to be. But it was interesting when I signed back on, that only the computer \”whores\” were the only ones online. Everyone else was kicked off. So before I couldn\’t sign on anymore, I was annoyed at how my buddy list extended past my screen (because I am obsessive compulsive and can\’t delete anyone), but now it\’s at a perfect size…

In the spirit of the who moved my cheese metaphor, I am the person who will keep seeking the cheese while moping, whining, crying about why the cheese moved. Every single step I take.

But then when I find the cheese again, suddenly the emotions and fear are all over.

Endochine is my new favorite band.

My sister got into an optometry school1 I am just one proud big sister. But being me, I started worrying whether she\’ll really like this world of fast-pacedness of post-graduate education. I am so glad that I didn\’t apply to law school, that\’s all I have to say. But congratulations yo lady!!!! Applaud the lady!

I lost my umbrella.

Pittsburgh rainy weather is dangerous for pedestrians. As I was going to the bus stop, a woman at the corner was screaming at cars. The drains in Pittsburgh streets don\’t do their job and massive puddles build up. And cars/buses can\’t help but drive right through them, splashing unhappy pedestrians.

In high school, on a sunny day, I walked past a large puddle left by a storm of a few days earlier. Most cars just drove past it. But one car, with several high school seniors veered into the puddle. I was not soaked with just water. But a combination of mud and water. My dad helped me clean my clothes with a garden hose.

I like walking around in bad weather. Because it\’s easier to be alone that way. Who wants to be soaked?

Are we more mature than we were 4 years ago? Maybe older and wiser, but I still found myself calling a number that I hadn\’t touched for 2 years.

Sometimes I wish life came with closed captioning. I can\’t hear what everyone says, maybe it\’s because I am a person born of instant messaging. I like to turn on the closed captioning on the tv, because I can\’t understand half of what people say on it.

I took a walk today in the fresh cold air in a sweater duster and wandered into Barnes and Nobles. And somehow I found myself opening the book 100 simple secrets of Happy People to secret #41. It said, \”Don\’t concern yourself too much with troubles.\”

How appropriate for this week. Life is always what you make of it. And furthermore, happiness is all perspective. You\’re about happy as you allow yourself to be.

It\’s funny how you can be stuck in darkness, thinking that all hope is lost. And it\’s funny how all you need is someone to just show you that it\’s really not dark. That you have been standing near a light switch all that time. And just that you\’re not alone. Hearing someone say \”I am on your side\” was a bright moment of this week.

I downloaded an itunes script yesterday so that people could see the song I am currently listening to in my away message. But then once I instantiated it, I wondered how many people would really check. Furthermore, do I want people to know about my guilty pleasures? Like how a little bit of Britney has trickled into my playlist and how sometimes I will listen to lovelorn ballads for hours.

That brings a question of music listening. Do people like to share their music–as a method of bonding? Or is it simply a private experience–the way to cast everyone aside and get lost in the music. At concerts, although I do not like going alone, once the music starts, I get lost in the music forgetting that I am with anybody. That it\’s just me an individual taking part in the nodding, the appreciation, the beat and the music.

I am designing a digital music player for my interface/interaction design class and these are questions that we\’re trying to address.

Sometimes when I hear a song, I am reminded of a moment. Or a phase. Sometimes it\’s a painful memory. That song \”Nobody Knows\” still fits into that category.

As a result of the past week, I have learned that people have different communication styles. People have a different set of values. A different set of priorites. There\’s no one single way to deal with all these people.

Most of all, in any situation, always try to make the majority happy. But in that case, does that mean you\’re included? Sometimes I feel like I sacrifice my own happiness for other\’s happiness. Here we go with my masochistic tendencies.

So are females complex beings? Males are simple creatures. That\’s what makes them so great.

A random aside, one of my friends said that there must be something wrong with a girl who has many guy friends. But hey that\’s me!

Although I don\’t really like tests…

The Deviant Geek
You answered 80% of the questions as a geek truly would.
You\’re a geek and you know it. You\’ve got all sorts of fringe hobbies
and socially unacceptable tendencies. Chances are, whenever possible,
you hate to be grouped with other people and sometimes go out of your
way just to be different.

You\’re smart too. You\’re more willing to depend on your own
brainpower to solve problems, instead of relying on others to pull you
through life. You probably read a lot, and generally enjoy learning new

So what\’s it all mean? You may be considered by some to be
uncool, but you probably don\’t care either. In social situations you
may be either slightly passive or slightly loud (geeks always fall into
the extremes).
In a nutshell, you answered enough questions correctly supporting a
geek philosophy to be considered a more potent geek than 60% of the

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 94% on geekness

Link: The True Geek Test written by ambientred on Ok Cupid

Someone (or two) called me passive-aggresive. Not sure what that means. I looked it up and it\’s a disorder common in men. It\’s also another way of saying someone is a \”pain in the ass\”.

Hey, that\’s me! Quite often I find myself at the end of things…