A wallet left behind

Yesterday, I left my wallet in my parents’ car as I was dropped off at the BART station. As a result, I had to come up with all the loose change and bills in my bag to get a BART ticket. And convince myself to only spend 39 cents on cilantro rather than splurging on tomatoes.

Because in reality, I had less than $20 in my apartment and would be unable to get my wallet until Thursday. And fortunately my slight disorganization of money (with my bills and coins in stashed in different bags) and the recent Chinese New Year (many red envelopes with floating cash). I survived more than 24 hours without a source of money.

Too bad most places don’t accept checks anymore.

While walking in Inner Sunset last Monday…

I came across this card table in a side street. There were kids selling lemonade for 50 cents. I promptly bought one with part of my bus money. Then I looked at the items they had for sale on the table. There was an interesting piece–a cork shoved underneath a cupcake tin. Inside the tin were small plastic bits of all different colors. The cork and the cupcake tin were wrapped in clear tape. When I shook it, there was noise.

“It’s a rattle,” the kid said as I fingered it. “10 cents.”

I found a dime in my wallet and gave it to their mother who said, “Isn’t it such a steal?”

Perks sway you here

I once walked through a work/life loft where the kitchen was stocked with diet coke, purified water, soy milk, tangerines, blood oranges, nature valley bars, tomato soup and cous cous from Trader Joes.

The only thing I ever took were the tangerines and blood oranges. And I often helped myself to the water. On occasion, I would eat a bar, but I wasn’t severely attached. Ever since I started to instill in myself a philosophy of food moderation, food rarely holds a weight.

The reason that I am willing to buy a $3 cone from Bi-Rite Creamery vs. a $4 gallon of ice cream from Sun Valley is simply that. By spending money, I feel less inclined to spend more. And by having just a taste–even if it’s barely a physical experience that lasts 5 minutes, it’s the emotional experience that stays.

Of course though, if you happen to give me a 5 lb bag of gummy worms, we all know how long that will last in my presence.

On another note, why do people drink so much soda? Why diet coke?

Due Diligence

I am not impulsive by nature. Maybe for shoes.

However, usually I spent days or weeks thinking about something. It’s amazing what a time limited offer can do to your thinking. And then it suddenly goes back to that statement, You always want what you cannot have.

Like how the Cold War Kids tonight at the GAMH tickets are sold out!!!


I am often wary of holistic medicine because it conflicts with what I was taught growing up. You see a symptom, treat the symptom. However, nowadays, there’s a trend in medicine toward treating everything as part of the whole. Eat better. Exercise more.

Then there’s the emphasized holistic approach that almost seems to stem from Eastern medicine. Maintain the balance in your body. Don’t eat too much “hot” foods (greasy, etc.) or too much cold foods (things that are too cool, I never really understood this one). Then recently I learned about chiropractic.

It’s the idea that your aches and pains come from the lack of nerve communication from the spine. That it’s important to get the spine straightened and life managed correctly for the back. The reason that you may have a heart attack or other maladies come from subluxations–pinches of nerves from a misaligned spine. Granted, I was immediately doubtful. Sure, I shouldn’t be sleeping on my stomach (yeah, so I sometimes like the feeling of suffocation) but would that really affect whether I may have a heart attack? Maybe since nerves can be pinched and thus the performance of the heart may not be optimal? Or the lungs? Or why people die young?

Doubts though. I can be convinced that perhaps some pains and aches from the misalignment. Yet everything else? Nothing is that purely black and white. And I am wondering why I persuaded someone to do it…because I thought he had a bad back when I can’t believe it myself.

Resentment and forgiveness

A friend recently wrote in her journal: True forgiveness is the willingness to say “Thank you for giving me that experience.”

I believe that. I don’t regret the bad experiences. I wish they didn’t happen. In some way, I believe I become a better person because of them. Some may believe that I had a bad year because of the “bad luck” I encountered.

But no, not at all. Silver linings. I am still alive and there’s so much to conquer. Endless possibilities. Like every day, today is the beginning of the next beginning. I did lose at some fights, returning scarred and battered. But with a touch of belief, I am back again. It’s only the horizon that stops me. But oh wait one can never reach the horizon. Limitless.

I saw someone I recognized from then crossing 24th street Saturday afternoon. I was trotting along in my new shoes, trying to break them in. When I first saw him, I almost choked. But even with that behind me, I still greeted him with an enthusiastic smile. We exchanged awkward small talk and parted ways. Never the end, never the end.

Dispense away!

Kyle, that rising star of Berkeley, and friends have created a masterpiece.

The toilet paper dispenser.

Watch it in action!

I am proud to know someone who came up with the idea of the laziness endured while on the toilet. I mean, we want to avoid germs right? But I am more amazed at the mechanical engineering of the product. Or the fact that toilet paper was selected.

Welcome to the year of the pig!

Happy Chinese New Year! Now it’s my sister’s year—the year of the pig. So throughout my 24th year, people mentioned that it was unlucky. Better watch out, the Chinese superstition said. There’s something wrong with the stars.

I am no believer of superstitions. The past year was in some way unlucky but also lucky. Right near the beginning of the Chinese New Year, I broke my right hand while skiing which caused a lot of its own challenges. But in that, I also got to know some people I would not have gotten to know. The past year, I met many people for the first time this year–E and Lele to name a few. There were the delayed flights I never thought I would be on. Then there were the job interviews that didn’t go right. And then the few that had potential. And the accidental shopping. The poor judgments. Then there were the gut feelings that turned out right. There were the bad roommates and then the best ones I have ever had. And horrible landlords to find a great one. And the dreams of moving to the East Coast or out of the country dashed to discover there was a great life anyway in San Francisco.

Maybe I just have a tough time believing in luck. I have always taught myself to find the silver lining in every gray cloud.

Yeah, so after my earlier 6-day blog hiatus due to a sudden change in personal paths, I have gotten back into my original blogging habits. Or because now I have a reason to procrastinate.