birthday wish list!!! Yes it\’s that time again! Just like last year\’s disclaimer, I am not greedy or self-centered (oh wait i am! :D) But it\’s to give you an idea since my birthday == MAY 22ND!


2002 wishlist
2003 wishlist

1. presence (not PRESENT) of all my friends on my birthday – hey you can at least say HAPPY birthday. ;)
2. mp3 player – hint: 15 gb ipod is nice. so is the mini.
3. money for tuition next year!
4. better (silent) case for my desktop with a better mobo – LEDs are nice too!
5. direct flights from the bay area to pittsburgh, pa
6. mini-dvi to video cable for my 12\” powerbook
7. a great gpa for my last semester at cal
8. summer internship in user interfaces (evidently, my networking skills need to be polished)
9. the Say Anything… dvd and more DEE VEE DEEs!
10. flat panel monitor
11. movers (and cleaners) to get my stuff out of my apartment before my lease ends
12. the possibility of having my autobio published
13. (mailed) hand written letters from the people that matter
14. a new layout for this blog – even though I have been dissatisfied for the last few months, I haven\’t gotten around to it
15. and the omnipresent: CANDY! (I like non-chocolate more btw)

EDIT: amazon wishlist and thinkgeek wishlist

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  1. why pittsburgh? anyway, a little late, but congrats on graduation and happy bday. dang, you\’re older than me too?? not fair :P

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