A study group is most productive if you\’re studying with people who chose to be in a study group vs. a study group where people were forced into participating.

My linguistics study group was formed when a guy asked the entire section whether people wanted to make up a study group. And it has helped me a lot in that class. Time usually lasts around two hours.

My cog sci study group on the other hand…was formed because we were all required to work on our homework in groups. Every member in the group are complainers…whiners…and our work seems so unfinished by the end of the hour. ONE HOUR, FOLKS.

Then my slowly forming cs study group. People seem to be enthuastic.


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  1. when you are in love with your TA, form a study group and don\’t inform anyone but your TA of the time and place. and the place is dark and lit only by candles and nice, soft music for relaxing nerves and better studying.

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