Stress builds up. Sigh.

10 page paper due Tuesday.
Perl hw due Tuesday.
Midterm Wednesday.
Neural network program due Wednesday.

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  1. that alec always comes into the equation at the worst time.. he\’s like a node that you have to turn the gain down on!!! ;D lol

    sounds hectic though. *hug* good luck with it jenn.

  2. go home take care of crap tomorrow
    FAFSA forms saturday
    People visiting sat&sun
    find housing and stuff
    midterm tuesday
    quiz before tuesday
    photography final book project

  3. lol @ naim. I am trying to start on that project now, but I am getting a lot of hunger pangs…
    when alecky does arrive to Berkeley, I\’ll be done with all the stuff I have to do. :D It fits perfectly!

  4. and i\’ll be done with all my stuff when he\’s in berkley too! we did not plan this right

  5. LOL, I am the root of all that is evil, or something. I helped stacee take study for her midterm, so there. I felt bad cause she had to waste 3 hours of her time waiting for me in downtown santa cruz.

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