Good food is often ruined by bad service

“Can I get more…” I would start.

“No!” the server would say.

I would be stunned, shocked—unsure of what to say next. Why can’t I get…

Then the server would just laugh and say that yes, of course it is entirely possible! This is the worst kind of joke—especially at a restaurant.

But it wasn’t only that today. It was my request of triple cream cheese and getting blue cheese instead. It was saying “oh yes, the duck confit” when it was actually the “roasted duck”. And the odd glances to our table—when he could say “how is everything”. Things like—made it awkward and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t necessarily bad service, but mostly…off. Somewhat unattentive. Somewhat unfriendly. And making something that could have been incredible (the food was generally good)…off-putting. Negative points.

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